Court Reporting

In business for over thirty-five years, our goal remains to be
the preferred provider of court reporting and related services
with which clients choose to do business, for whom people
wish to work, and with whom competitors want to associate.

Barkley provides the most experienced, technically trained
reporters in the industry. Whether for a deposition, hearing,
or testimony, Barkley will provide you the best reporter any-
time, anywhere in the world. We specialize in multi-party,
multi-jurisdiction and complicated cases.

What is Real-Time Court Reporting?

"Real time" is the act of connecting directly to a court reporter in a deposition or in court and
seeing the transcript as it is produced in real time. Think of it as live closed captioning.

Additionally, using management tools such as Summation, Bridge, LiveNote, or Transcript Manager Pro, one can electronically create annotations, make notes, perform searches,
and even create reports using multiple transcripts—all during the proceeding.

We pride ourselves on having the fastest, most accurate real-time reporters in the industry.
Ask for real time with your next deposition and see what a difference it makes!