Planting the Seeds

  • Planting the Seeds

    San Francisco, March 8, 2007  Barkley Court Reporters has been certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program as an official Green Business. Barkley, along with other local businesses, is paving the way to create sustainable working environments and promoting the Green Movement, which has been gaining momentum recently. Barkley is the only Court Reporting Agency in California to have this distinction.

    We are committed to global climate change, explains Pat Barkley, Founder and CEO of Barkley Court Reporters. “We are pioneering the necessary changes in this industry to be a part of the global climate change solution.

    Barkley Court Reporters utilizes enormous amounts of paper each year to print transcripts of depositions and other legal documents. One of the major changes they are making is providing paperless transcripts available for download on their secure website and printing all necessary paper transactions on post-consumer copy paper.

    The public may not know exactly how much of an impact this decision will have on the environment, said Mason Farmani, Managing Partner. Just by making the simple conversion to post-consumer copy paper, Barkley will save 7.2 forty-foot-high trees, 2,100 gallons of water, 1,230 kw hours of electricity, and 18 pounds of air pollution for every 40 cases of paper we use. That is a definite difference that we are proud to have made.

    Today there are only 68 organizations that have earned certification from the Bay Area Green Business Program. To become an official Green Business, Barkley Court Reporters has made several significant and revolutionary changes in the industry, including:

    • Purchasing and using environmentally friendly supplies and products,
      such as refillable toner cartridges and post-consumer content paper,
    • Increasing waste diversion by recycling all paper, bottles and cans,
    • Purchasing Energy Star-rated office equipment and appliances, conserving
      fossil fuels by encouraging the use of public transportation by all employees,
    • Participating in Spare the Air campaigns,
    • The availability of secure access to transcripts and exhibits via exclusive BarkleyWeb instead of paper.

    In addition to following the guidelines of the Bay Area Green Business Program, Barkley will be initiating a tree-planting program.

    We will be planting one tree for every paperless transcript we produce in the name of the requesting client,” said Leah Oblinger, Barkley’s San Francisco Office Manager. The trees will be planted in protected forests. This way we are giving back what we take from the environment.

    These changes, as well as those mandated by the San Francisco Business Program, are Barkley Court Reporters way of making meaningful changes within the industry to help fight global warming.

    About Barkley Court Reporters

    Serving law firms, corporate general counsel, and the entertainment industry, Barkley Court Reporters is California’s largest and oldest privately held court reporting company. With nine Barkley offices on the West Coast and one in New York, plus a network affiliation with similar owner/operator organizations throughout the U.S. and the world, Barkley is adept at providing deposition and transcript services globally. Barkley offers videoconferencing, video synchronization, internet streaming, remote, secure access to documents, electronic repositories and trial technology services.

    Barkley also provides realtime transcripts of events to the press at The Golden Globes, The Emmy Awards, The Television Critics Association (TCA) and a variety of press junkets.

    For additional information about Barkley Court Reporters, please contact Tim Mertes at

    (800) 222-1231 or via e-mail at


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