How to Check Your Deposition Settings

  • How to Check Your Deposition Settings

    Is your deposition all set? Not having the information you need about your deposition settings can keep you up at night! But if your court reporting agency provides an online repository for accessing your transcripts and exhibits, you likely have an ever-present resource to help you keep track of your deposition settings.  There’s no need to wonder or worry–regardless of the time of day.

    For example, as a Barkley client you can log into your secure BarkleyWeb repository anytime day or night to check your deposition settings. Just click on the CALENDAR tab at the top. In the SEARCH CRITERIA bar that displays on the left, use the down arrow in the VIEW STYLE field to choose to see your deposition settings in either a monthly view or as a list. Click SEARCH. All the depositions you have set will list in the Calendar View–even those cancelled. The List View only includes the depositions still set to take place.

    The icon next to the deposition’s name lets you see the status of the deposition setting at a glance.  For details about a particular setting, click on the deposition’s name. Information about the deposition displays in the text fields at the top, including the location with a link for directions. To see the services ordered, scroll down to the Ordering Information. Keep scrolling to view Billing Information and Other Parties.

    What if you don’t see your deposition listed on your calendar?  If the deposition is tomorrow, call Barkley at 800.222.1231.  If your deposition is more than two business days out,  just click on the REQUEST NEW JOB button in the upper-right corner of your Calendar view to enter your deposition information. You will receive confirmation of your deposition setting within 24 hours or less.

    Need to add a service or update details? If the deposition is the next day, please give us a call at 800.222.1231.  Otherwise, simply email We will confirm receipt of your changes that same day.

    You can always call us with your deposition information at 800.222.1231 or email  No more need to wonder or worry!

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