You Can Still Make It to (Remote) Depositions

  • You Can Still Make It to (Remote) Depositions

    Technology for taking or attending depositions remotely enables depositions to still take place despite last-minute schedule changes or cancelled flights. Here’s three proven deposition technologies for taking remote depositions:

    Video Conferencing for Remote Depositions
    Litigators have been using video conferencing for depositions for years. It provides face-to-face communication with the witness without the travel. Each party goes to a local conference room equipped with a video conferencing system, a large screen, and wide-lens camera. This allows for seeing the demeanor and body language of each party in attendance. Barkley Video Conferencing is popular for deposing witnesses when high-speed Internet is unavailable or the deponent wants to “just show up” at the deposition.Mobile Video Conferencing for Remote Depositions
    Mobile video conferencing enables counsel to speak face-to-face with a deponent from a laptop, PC, iPad, tablet, phone or even a traditional video conferencing system. Numerous parties across various locations can all be connected, provided each has high-speed Internet and a webcam. Many litigators rely on BarkleyMobile Video Conferencing for deposing witnesses who are bedridden or located in remote areas.

    Deposition Streaming for Remote Depositions
    Secure web conferencing platforms designed for taking depositions enable the deponent video to be seen alongside realtime of the transcript and exhibits as they are introduced electronically. These platforms, like BarkleyStreamOn, include chat functionality that allows senior counsel and subject matter experts to provide realtime guidance to the deposing attorney in response to testimony. Deposition streaming provides face-to-face communication and can be viewed on the device of choice by multiple parties across locations with high-speed Internet. Access is via a secure webpage that serves as a virtual deposition room.

    Remote depositions make it possible to get the testimony needed–even when you cannot be at the deposition in person. Not sure which platform is best for you? Contact or call 800.222.1231 for a complimentary consultation or demo of our mobile videoconferencing and deposition streaming platforms.


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