Combining Files With Adobe Acrobat DC

  • Combining Files With Adobe Acrobat DC

    Adobe Acrobat is a great tool for combining files—even when all the files are not all PDFs. The Adobe Acrobat COMBINE FILES tool gives you two options:

    1. You can combine documents and images into a “Binder.”  The documents are automatically converted to PDFs and their pages display in consecutive order, as one single file.
    2. You also can combine documents into a “PDF Portfolio,” which resembles a folder of documents. Each file appears separately within the PDF Portfolio. The documents can be kept in their native format—including Word or Excel, or converted to PDF. Files kept in their native format can be previewed by recipients even if they do not have the appropriate software.


    If using Adobe Acrobat DC, you’ll have more flexibility working with PDF Binders than PDF Portfolios.  You can drag and drop pages within a PDF Binder to quickly re-order the content. You also can link between content in different pages within the binder. These features are no longer available for PDF Portfolios in Acrobat DC. You can still add files to a PDF Portfolio, but those are placed last in the portfolio and cannot be moved.

    Want the best of both options?  Consider creating a PDF Binder, then adding a Table of Contents with links to the first page of each document contained in the binder. This allows you to move and link content yet retain some distinction between the files.

    We’ve requested that Adobe add more functionality to the PDF Portfolio tool in Acrobat DC so the COMBINE TOOL functions more like it does in Acrobat XI.  Check back here for updates.

    For step-by-step instructions on how to combine files using Acrobat DC, contact

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