How to Create Deponent Video Clips

  • How to Create Deponent Video Clips

    When you order videography services from a court reporting firm like Barkley, you receive video of the deponent’s testimony synched with the transcript and free DepoView editing software. This editing software lets you view the recorded deponent video alongside the transcript and create video clips. These video clips can then be imported directly into your PowerPoint or trial presentation software. They also can be emailed or saved on your device.

    How to Create Trial-Read Video Clips From Deponent Video Synchronized by Barkley:

    1. Insert BarkleyAccess into your PC. (DepoView is not compatible with Mac).
    2. Select Barkley_Access.exe; the BarkleyAccess home screen displays.
    3. Select the Video box. An Open Synced Video button appears on the right.
    4. Click on the Open Synced Video button. DepoView launches with a splash screen of the legend pictured above. Click on the legend to see the deponent video with the transcript.
    5. Click the Play button below the deponent video to start the video or use the scroll bar on right side of the transcript pane to read thru the transcript.
    6. Select the Hi Lite icon in the upper-right corner of the transcript pane to activate the highlight pen. Highlight lines of testimony for video clip(s). Different lines of testimony throughout the transcript may be highlighted.
    7. Click the Clip button  at the top to create the clip(s). A dialogue box displays; choose to combine all the selected testimony into a single clip or have the highlighted sections created as individual clips.
    8. Click Export. A DepoView dialogue box displays. Check the box next to each clip to be exported, then choose to export to a File Folder, eMail, Add to PowerPoint, or import to Trial Director or Summation.
    9. Hit Next, and follow the prompts specific to how the clip(s) are to be exported.

    The video clips you create will be trial-ready and, depending on your output choices, may display the text below the deponent video. Use these clips for court, as well as add them to summaries, motions and briefs.

    Click here for more information: Videography and Video Synchronization services

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