Delayed Flights? No Problem With Remote Deposition Technology

  • Delayed Flights? No Problem With Remote Deposition Technology

    With the change in seasons often comes inclement weather that can wreak havoc to your deposition schedule. Thanks to the latest in remote deposition technologies, there are ways to work around the challenges that weather can bring. So before you think of cancelling a deposition because of delayed flights or other travel restrictions, consider one of these options for taking the deposition remotely:

    • Using mobile videoconferencing to still meet face-to-face with the deponent
      Mobile videoconferencing technology can connect all the parties in the case, regardless of their location. Attendees simply need a device with high-speed Internet access and webcam capability. Up to 100 participants can join the deposition—even those who prefer joining via a traditional video conferencing system. So even if the deposing attorney can’t make the deposition in person, they can still see and questioned the witness.

    • Going “old school” with traditional video conferencing
      Many firms and government agencies still have video conferencing capabilities set up in their conference rooms or accessible nearby. When flights pose a problem, the deposing attorney can still “meet” with the deponent in a conference room equipped with a traditional videoconferencing system. Video conferencing eliminates the potential for dropped connections and concerns regarding how the technology will work at the deposition.

    • Streaming your deposition
      Deposition streaming also enables the deposing attorney to speak face-to-face with the witness from any webcam-enabled device with high-speed Internet access. It then goes two steps further. The deposing attorney can also opt to see realtime of the testimony as the transcript is being officially recorded as well as introduce exhibits electronically. Barkley’s deposition streaming platform includes non-recorded chat functionality for receiving expert guidance from remote attendees during the deposition.

    Deposition Streaming
    All three options eliminate the need to for the deposing attorney to travel to physically be at the deposition–yet enable counsel to see and speak with the witness.  If you are unsure as to which option would be best for your deposition, give us a call at 800.222.1231. We would be happy to demo these options for you, as well as discuss the pros and cons of each.

    For more information, check out Barkley’s Mobile Videoconferencing, Videoconferencing and Deposition Streaming information.

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