Creating Case Notebooks with Your Deposition Files

  • Creating Case Notebooks with Your Deposition Files

    Barkley clients tell us that their complimentary BarkleyMobileTranscripts provide a great solution for creating deposition summaries. For those looking for a better way to build their overall case, Brett Burney, who is presenting two new online M/CLEs for Barkley this year, says MS OneNote works well for creating case notebooks. Part of the MS Office 365 Suite, OneNote uses a hierarchical structure that’s conducive to creating the case outline. Plus, all the case notes and documents——the legal research, discovery files, deposition transcripts and exhibits——can be added to the case notebook. By saving to MS OneDrive, all this content is made accessible across multiple devices.

    Using MS OneNote to Create Case Notebooks
    1. Open MS OneNote.
    2. Click on the Notebook icon in the upper-left corner.
    3. Select the “Add New Notebook” link.
    4. Save to MS OneDrive for accessibility across devices.
    5. Name the notebook. Your case notebook opens to the first page in the first section.
    6. Type “Case Outline” in the upper-left corner of this page. The page name updates in the right panel.
    7. Click on the “New Section 1” tab at the top to rename it accordingly.
    8. Click back into your Outline page.

    Now you’re ready to create your case outline. Type anywhere on the page, then format and/or drag the text to wherever needed on the page. OneNote offers the editing functionality of MS Word——including the multi-level list formatting for outlines——without the spacial constraints.

    Add a section for each point in your outline by clicking the + tab. Sections can be re-named and color coded by double clicking on the tab. To reorganize sections, simply drag the tab to where it should appear in list of tabs at the top. Right click on any tab to delete, merge or password protect its content.

    Insert pages into each section for your related case data. Links, images, videos, PDFs, emails and tags can all be included on a page. Be sure to import the comments chart from your BarkleyMobileTranscript so it’s handy for creating your deposition summary and/or motion for summary judgment. Pages can be easily re-ordered by dragging them to where needed within the list of pages on the right.

    When it’s time to collaborate, open MS OneDrive to share the case notebook with co-counsel and associates. OneNote marks changes made and who made them.

    Creating a case notebook in MS OneNote

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