Linking Attachments in PDFs

  • Linking Attachments in PDFs

    Linking attachments in your PDFs makes reviewing your argument–and other legal documentation–much easier to follow.  That’s why Barkley provides an Adobe Acrobat PDF of your deposition transcripts with the exhibits attached and linked.  This “bundled” PDF transcript format lets you access the exhibits from the Attachments panel as well as from links within the transcript. Attaching and linking  exhibits to the transcript saves you time and effort searching and toggling when reviewing the transcript.

    The Attachments panel lists each exhibit separately:

    Every time the exhibit is mentioned within the transcript, it is linked so you can view the exhibit with just a click:

    Linking Attachments

    PDF Linked Exhibit

    If the information you are providing in your PDFs could benefit from links to more information found in your attachments, here’s how to attach and link  files within  your PDFs.

    Attaching Files to PDFs

    1. Open the PDF that needs to have files attached.
    2. Expand left navigation panel by clicking on the “>” symbol.
    3. Click on the Paper Clip Icon to open the Attachments panel.
    4. Select the Paper Clip icon with a + sign. Acrobat opens your browser. Select the file(s) you’d like to attach. New attachments appear at bottom of the list.
      Note: Non-PDF files can be attached,  but links to information within these files cannot be added.
    5. Right click on the attachment name to save, open, search—or delete it, should you have attached it in error.
    6. Save the PDF.
    7. The new attachments should appear at the bottom of the list of attachments in the attachments panel.

    Linking Attachments

    1. Click on TOOLS in the upper-left corner of Acrobat DC Pro. A list of Acrobat tools displays.
    2. Select EDIT tool. The Edit tools ribbon appears.
    3. Click on the down arrow next to the LINK icon to select ADD/EDIT WEB OR DOCUMENT LINK.
      The cursor turns to cross hairs (“+”). Use the cross hairs to select the text or image that should be linked to information in an attachment. The CREATE LINK popup displays.
    4. Under LINK ACTION, select the radio button to GO TO A PAGE VIEW.
    5. Click NEXT at bottom of popup display. The CREATE GO TO VIEW box displays.
    6. Go to the Attachments panel to open the appropriate file attachment. Find the place in the attachment where the PDF should be linked. Use the page zoom tools to set the view.
    7. Click on SET LINK button.
    8. Return to original PDF.
    9. Click on CLOSE in upper-right corner.
    10. Test link.

    For more tips on how Adobe Acrobat DC Pro can make your work as a legal professional easier, join Barkley for Adobe Acrobat DC Pro for the Legal Profession: Part Two eM/CLE on Wednesday, September  18, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific. To Learn and Earn M/CLE credit:

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