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    AWARD 8

    Best Actor ‑ TV Series, Drama

    Brian Cox

    BRIAN COX:  Hi.  I’m sorry.  I mean, this kind of event does your head in.  No, it really does.  It does your head in.

    And first of all, I want to apologize to my fellow nominees for winning this.  I mean, I’m sorry.  That’s all can say.  I’m sorry.  But I never expected this.  And I’ve been in this business ‑‑ next year I would have been in this business for 60 years.


    And, I mean, I started when I was 2, and I just never thought this would ever happen to me, so I’m a wee bit shocked, and I just want to say that it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t worked with the most extraordinary bunch of people ever, the cast and the crew of “Succession,” and our genius Jesse Armstrong.  You saw him just now.  An incredibly modest man.  What a talent.  What a gift, and he’s inspired us to do the best work, and there’s nothing like it.  There’s nothing like it when you’ve got a showrunner who comes along and empowers you to do your best work.  So thank you, Jesse, because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have had this.  So thank you.

    Also, I want to thank my family for forbearance and my lovely wife, who is here tonight, for putting up with me for all this crappy time.  Thank you.


    QUESTION: We talked to you on the carpet. Congratulations.

    BRIAN COX: Thank you.

    QUESTION: We talked to you on the red carpet. You are coming up on 60 years on the industry. Can you tell us what’s so special at this point in your career?

    BRIAN COX: Well, I never thought I’d make it. I thought myself I’d quit some time ago, and thanks to Jesse Armstrong, he — actually, that’s not fair. I’ve been doing reasonably well. I can’t complain, but then a role like Logan Roy just comes along once in a generation, once in a lifetime, and when you are given a gift like that, you go, wow, and it’s down to Jesse, you know. He called me. He didn’t have to, but he did, and I’m eternally grateful to him, which is really good. It really is. Thank you.

    QUESTION: Mr. Cox, congratulations.

    BRIAN COX: Thank you.

    QUESTION: What did you think your part —

    BRIAN COX: Is it a Jordanian accent you’ve got? Come on. Is it a Jordanian accent?

    QUESTION: Yes. You’ve had such an amazing career.

    BRIAN COX: Thank you.

    QUESTION: Who is with you tonight?

    BRIAN COX: Right, right. Because I’m with my buddies and with these incredible bunch of actors, the Succession crew. So this is a bit of a pinnacle. I can’t — I can’t ask for better than this. This crew are right in position. Jesse, you saw him tonight, won the prize. He’s a very modest man, but such a genius at putting this show together, and I owe it to him. If he hadn’t given me the role, I wouldn’t be here. So it means a lot.

    QUESTION: Congratulations.

    BRIAN COX: Thank you.

    QUESTION: Let me just ask you very candidly: Are you playing Rupert Murdoch?

    BRIAN COX: No. I am playing Logan Roy. Logan Roy is totally our creation. Rupert Murdoch has fuck all to do with it, and you can quote me on that. You know, I did have an incident in London recently or — no — yeah, relatively recently. I was in a cafe in Primrose Hill. If you’ve not been to London, it’s a nice place. I have an apartment there. And I was standing there ordering my latte, and someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, “We are loving your show.” And I said, “Oh, really?” He said, “Yes, yes, we really are loving it. I mean, my wife finds it a little difficult at times, but on the whole, she’s really, really enjoying it.” I said, “Oh, that’s good.” I said, “Why is your wife finding it difficult?” He said, “Well, my wife is Elizabeth Murdoch.” I said, “Oh, ah, well, yeah, I’m sorry.” He said, “No. It’s fine.” He said, “But can you go easy on her next season?” I said, “We’ll do our best.” That’s true.

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