Best Actress Motion Picture, Musical Or Comedy

  • Best Actress Motion Picture, Musical Or Comedy


    AWARD 23b

    Best Actress ‑ Motion Picture Musical or Comedy


    “The Farewell”

    AWKWAFINA:  This is great.
    If anything, if I fall upon hard times, we can sell this, so this is good.
    First of all, thank you so much to the Hollywood Foreign Press.  I’ve never been to the Golden Globes, and I’m here now, and this is great.


    I’d like to thank everyone at A24.  Yes.  Peter Saraf, Danny Molia, Big Beesh and Andrew Miano.  I’d like to thank the woman who plays my grandma on “The Farewell,” Zhao Shuzhen, Zhao, thank you.  And most importantly, to LuLu Wang, our incredible director.  You gave me this chance, the chance of a lifetime, and you taught me so much, and just filming the story, being with you is incredible.

    I’d like to dedicate this to my dad, Wally.  I told you I’d get a job, Dad.


    And to my grandma, my best friend, the woman who raised me, and to my mother, Tia, who I always hoped was watching from somewhere above, and I hope she’s watching now.  Thank you all.  Thank you.


    AWKWAFINA:  Thank you, guys.  You guys having fun or what?  All
              right.  Cool.  You guys can start asking stuff if you want.  Do
              you want me to point?  Okay.  Great.
              QUESTION:  Hi, Awkwafina.
              AWKWAFINA:  Hi.
              QUESTION:  I just want to ask you, because playing an Asian role
              is an incredible feat, and my understanding is a lot of
              Asian-Americans feel like they are outsiders from the country.
              So I was wondering how much you relate to that mentality, and
              winning this award, how much do you feel like you made it?
              AWKWAFINA:  I relate to that mentality a lot.  I think a lot of
              children immigrants in this country do.  We are raised to feel
              very American, and when we go back, you know, we are told that
              you don't belong here.  When you go back to where you belong, you
              also feel like a stranger there.  And it's a constant feeling of
              being lost in translation, and I think that's what really
              resonated with me with The Farewell.  Yeah.
              QUESTION:  Awkwafina, right here.  Tonight obviously you are up
              on stage.  You won.  Tonight, when you are in that ballroom, who
              are you looking up to?  Who are some of the people you look up to
              tonight and were excited to meet?
              AWKWAFINA:  Wow, I have so many people.  I met the cast of
              Succession, which was, like, awesome.  Laura Dern won, and she's
              always been one of my favorite actresses.  I think it's just also
              celebrating with people that I've either met or I have seen.  I
              was nominated with Beanie Feldstein and Cate Blanchett, two of
              the actors I worship and that I have worked with before.  It's
              also a celebration of that as well.  It's a really cool thing.
              QUESTION:  Awkwafina, congratulations.
              AWKWAFINA:  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  I just want to know, how do you feel tonight, being
              first -- you made history for winning -- the first Asian woman to
              win a Golden Globe lead actress?
              AWKWAFINA:  I actually just heard that fact, and it was pretty
              mind-blowing.  I think it feels incredible, but I think there's
              also this other feeling that you want there to be more.  I hope
              this is just the beginning.  Yeah.
              QUESTION:  Congratulations.
              AWKWAFINA:  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  It's just that it's so impressive to see something
              this small travel so wide.  I wonder if you tell us about your
              other super-low-budget indie model Shang-Chi?
              AWKWAFINA:  Yeah.  I'm going to go and do that next.  I love
              Destin.  I think he's an incredible director.  I trust him, and I
              really like Simu.  Yeah.
              QUESTION:  Anything about your character?
              AWKWAFINA:  I don't think I can, but I hope she's awesome.  Yeah.
              Thank you.
              QUESTION:  Thank you.  It's so amazing to see someone, an
              Asian-American climb up so high.  The question is:  Will we see
              you in other Asian-American films, maybe in a lead role film in
              the future?
              AWKWAFINA:  I hope.  I hope I can get more lead roles, but you
              never know.  You know, I think that right now, if I were to take
              part on a project, I would love to try to find people that have
              been directing for a long time and maybe have not had that
              opportunity.  I love working with those kinds of people.  So I
              don't know if I'd do that next.  But yeah, I think that -- I
              think the future should always be in support of one another,
              especially of my community.  Yeah.  Thank you guys.


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