Best Actress In A Television Series Musical Or Comedy

  • Best Actress In A Television Series Musical Or Comedy


    AWARD 5

    Best Actress ‑ TV Series Musical or Comedy

    Phoebe Waller‑Bridge


    PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE:  Oh, my gosh.  Thank you so much to the HFPA for this.  This is really heavy and cool.  This really comes down to Andrew Scott, really, because that man ‑‑


    There was a lot of talk about the chemistry of us in the show, but really he can have chemistry with a pebble, so I love being Andrew’s pebble in this.  And thank you so much for bringing so much fire to this season.

    Thank you so much to Harry Bradbeer, our amazing director, and I was like, “That’s not how it’s meant to be done,” and he’s like, “Do it my way,” and he’s right.  It really annoys me because it might have been right.  This has been so extraordinary.  I’d like to take this opportunity to make a very special thank you to director of photography, Tony Miller, who made the show look like a movie with a budget of ‑‑ well, thank you, Amazon and BBC ‑‑ very small budget, and he is always a person ‑‑ he is a camera operator as well, so he was always the person I actually always looked down the camera to.  I would love to find a camera too.  Thank you, Tony.

    And thank you very much to my agents and to Amazon and BBC, sincerely, for picking up this little scrap of a show and bringing it all the way here.  This means the world to me.  Thank you very much.


    QUESTION: Phoebe, I understand you might be making a special
     donation to help out with the bush fires tonight.
     And, Andrew Scott, are you happy to have Hot Priest as your
     epitaph? Those are my two questions, if we can hear from Phoebe
     Phoebe Waller-Bridge: Yes, I think I can say this now. We made
     a plan with Ralph & Russo, who are Italian designers, who created
     this incredible couture suit, which is the most amazing thing I
     have ever worn. We are going to auction it, and the money we
     raise from it is going to relief to Australia. It's a beautiful
     idea for the team. So I'm really excited to be part of that.
     QUESTION: We are huge fans in Australia. It goes without
     PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE: Thank you. The feeling is mutual.
     ANDREW SCOTT: I'm only 43. I'm only thinking about my appetite
     just yet.
     QUESTION: Congratulations to all of you. Phoebe, we love the
     shout-out to Obama. Would you consider working with Netflix if
     the Obamas have a deal there, or what show would you want to make
     for the Obamas?
     PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE: I think I've heard enough about Obama.
     Thank you very much.
     QUESTION: Your show had a lot of humor at the Golden Globes
     today. Was there a joke that you found particularly funny
     PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE: Yeah, hearing about Mark was really good.
     It was good to have that cleared up.
     QUESTION: Can we start rumors with you about why Olivia Colman
     didn't get up on stage with you guys to accept the award?
     SIAN CLIFFORD: I think Olivia was waiting to hear whether she
     won or not, and I believe she has for The Crown, which we are
     absolutely thrilled for her. She had to stay in the room,
     otherwise she would have come up with us.
     QUESTION: Phoebe, first of all, all of these awards for Fleabag,
     have you changed your mind about a Season 3? And if not, what's
     going on with the movie that you are running?
     PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE: I haven't changed my mind about Season 3.
     Actually, it feels even more like the right decision the further
     we go along this journey. I don't know. Because it's just a
     goodbye. It feels like we keep saying goodbye on these stages,
     but yeah, it felt like the right thing to do. And also with the
     movie, well, you are just going to have to wait and see. I
     haven't got anything more to report on that yet. I hate to be
     QUESTION: For Phoebe and all of the characters. When people
     come up to you, do they imitate you? Do they tell jokes back or
     lines back? I have a few in my head myself. How do they
     compliment you? Because your show and all of your characters are
     so unique. What are the kinds of things you hear?
     PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE: Well, I mean, my -- all sorts of things.
     People are so warm and loving and incredibly polite. Fleabag
     fans, they are incredibly polite. They keep apologizing for they
     come up. But my favorite thing when walking through London, in
     particular, and I walk past, usually when things happen I just
     get this look, which is just (A shy look), and it means we are
     both like, I know you and you know me. We are all fleabags. And
     that's the nicest feeling in the world. Anyone else?
     BRETT GELMAN: People tell me they hate me or not the street.
     That's a good sign, I think.
     QUESTION: Just a quick question. In being a writer, any advice
     you want to give to any young writers out there?
     PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE: Yeah. Well, mainly just write and write
     and write and try and stay in the present as much as possible.
     Don't try and impress anybody. Or find one friend that you love
     and you care about, and write it for that person, to make that
     person loved and make that person cry, because that certainly
     helped me. And other than that, just -- I mean, it's something I
     peddle out quite a lot, but write like you are not afraid.
     That's what I keep telling myself. I have to remind myself every
     time I sit down at the computer to do it. And then the naughty
     writing hand comes out, and that's when I start cooking.
     QUESTION: Does anybody ever get mad because of just about the
     religious aspect of your last almost love affair? My favorite
     line of all is when he gives you the Bible, and you say, "I read
     your book." Does anybody ever get mad?
     PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE: No, actually.
     BRETT GELMAN: I'm sure someone did.

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