Best Motion Picture, Animated

  • Best Motion Picture, Animated


    AWARD 10



    CHRIS BUTLER:  Well, I am flabbergasted.  So thank you to the HFPA.

    It takes a lot of people to make one of these movies.  There are 450 talented artists, crafts people, technicians, engineers who made this movie possible.

    ARIANNE SUTNER:  Humans.

    CHRIS BUTLER:  Human beings.

    Thank you to Arianne Sutner, my producer.


    CHRIS BUTLER:  Thank you to Trevis Knight for making this possible.

    Just thank you, all of you.  I am genuinely shocked.

    ARIANNE SUTNER:  We love you so much.

    CHRIS BUTLER:  Thank you.


    QUESTION:  Hi.  You must have been reading the newspaper reports
              and predictions because you acted so shocked that you won.
              CHRIS BUTLER:  I am more shocked.  I've been making animated
              movies for a long time, and we at the studio tried to do things
              differently.  We tried to tell more irreverent stories.  We try
              to do things that maybe other people won't do.
              QUESTION:  And the work that goes into it?
              CHRIS BUTLER:  Yeah.
              QUESTION:  People don't realize that this is very different than
              sitting at a computer.  Can you briefly tell us a little bit
              about that?
              CHRIS BUTLER:  Yeah.  Our studio is like -- if you walked around
              our studio, it's like walking around Santa's workshop.  Because
              you have so many different types of artists and crafts people.
              You don't just have animators.  You have carpenters.  You have
              metal workers.  You have costume designers, and they are all
              working very, very hard.  It took five years to make this movie.
              So it is a very, very long and hard process.
              ARIANNE SUTNER:  It's a long and hard process, and we are an
              original movie written and directed by this guy.  It's our fifth
              movie, and we are really dedicated to the art and the passion of
              this kind of movie making.  We are so happy.
              QUESTION:  Congratulations on the win.  How does it feel to go in
              so many big movies like the Frozen 2 and, of course, they are
              backed by Disney had so much leverage but still being able to
              come out on the end?
              CHRIS BUTLER:  I feel privileged.  I feel like we are in very,
              very good company, and I never expected this, as you probably
              guessed.  It is great to be acknowledged.  It is great to have a
              movie that isn't maybe as big as some of others.  It's great to
              have that scene and appreciate it.
              ARIANNE SUTNER:  It is.  I think we are so happy that we are kind
              of in this animated landscape and marketplace, and I think people
              are saying they are happy that we are here.  We are happy that we
              are here, and we are so impressed with all of the talent and all
              of those other movies.  It's incredible.


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