Best Original Score – Motion Picture

  • Best Original Score – Motion Picture



    AWARD 21

    Best Original Score ‑ Motion Picture

    Hildur Guônadóttir

    HILDUR GUÔNADÓTTIR:  Wow.  I thought they forgot the music.  This is truly ‑‑ I’m speechless.  This is unbelievable.  Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press.  Thank you, Todd, for inviting me on a journey of a lifetime, for all the trust and faith and your openness.  Thank you, Joaquin, for making my job really easy with a spectacular unbelievable performance.  It’s mind‑blowing.  Thank you, Jason Ruther, for your fantastic job.  Truly incredible.  And conductor Jeff, my brothers.  My agent Patty, of course.  My incredible family and my mother.  My husband Sam, my beautiful son Codic.  That’s everything.



    QUESTION:  Hi.  I was wondering if you were inspired by any of
              the Joker's previous themes when you were writing music for this
              HILDUR GUDNADÓTTIR:  Well, I think the history of the character
              was probably in luck.  And growing up with all these incredible
              performances of the character definitely inspired me, but I
              wanted to make sure that I didn't get influenced by any of them,
              because I think it's almost a little bit dangerous when you start
              referencing other work when you are digging into a character.  So
              I very deliberately didn't watch or listen to any of the other
              interpretations of it.
              QUESTION:  You have been winning awards for Chernobyl and now
              Joker.  You've come -- kind of really exploded onto the scene as
              a composer.  What was your break?  What allowed you to come to
              the radar of people like Craig Mazin and Joker and Todd Phillips?
              HILDUR GUDNADÓTTIR:  Well, I've been working -- I've been doing
              films for almost 20 years.  So it's been a long time coming, I
              guess.  I don't really know exactly what happened at this point
              for everything to explode so massively, but it's been a
              beautiful -- definitely a beautiful year and incredible to get
              both of these opportunities at the same time.  Both projects were
              so different and so incredible and so all-encompassing.  So it
              was really fantastic.  And I think also -- I mean, I've
              definitely been a little bit -- I've noticed a bit of wariness
              sometimes in the last years, like in the last decade or so, to
              trust women for these bigger projects, but I believe because of
              all of the awareness that has been raised in the last couple of
              years about the position of women in the industry, I think that
              has -- I most definitely benefited a lot from that.  Yeah.  I
              think those people are just a bit more open towards trusting


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