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    AWARD 23A




    TARON EGERTON:  I really wish I’d written something.

    Okay.  I’m so honored to be nominated alongside a bunch of legitimate icons and also Roman, who is sweetest kid and it was an incredible performance in “Jojo.”  I’m honored to be nominated alongside you too.  Go on, Roman!

    This role has changed my life.  It’s been the best experience of my life.  I am so proud of the film.  Everyone standing up for Elton and Bernie earlier.  We’ve loved every second.

    I’ve got a few thank yous.  First of all, to my friend Dexter Fletcher for making a movie that I will be proud of for the rest of my life.  I love you like a brother.  To Matthew Vaughn for consistently giving me opportunity after opportunity and always championing me in my career.  To Adam Bohling for being the glue that held this production together.  To my *current team:  Nick Sullivan, Michael Cooper, Lindsey Maguire, Robby Baum, Jason Sloan (names phonetic).  Thank you so, so much.  Lindsey King (phonetic) is also here.  Thank you.  Okay.  Richard and Jane Bell (phonetic), the best wingman you could ever hope for.  And also David Furnish (phonetic) for allowing me to believe I was the man to play your husband.  Bernie Taupin for being as lovely a man as you are a legend.  To Giles Martin for making me believe I could sing all this.  To Gingi Opolis, Wid Godfrey (phonetic), everyone at Paramount.  I love you all.  Especially the Martin (phonetic) team.

    And finally, to Elton John.  Thank you for the music.  Thank you for living a life less ordinary.  And thank you for being my friend.

    Finally ‑‑ oh, yeah.  They are flashing at me.  My mother is in here somewhere.  This one’s for you, mum.


    TARON EGERTON:  I'm sorry.  I was talking to Renée Zellweger.
              I'm sorry.  Hi.
              QUESTION:  Sorry.  I just had to wait for the microphone.
              TARON EGERTON:  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  Did you have to convince yourself at any point that
              you could pull this all off, given everything you had to throw
              into it, the singing, the dancing?  Having known Elton and having
              to somehow put that on the screen, what kind of pressure did you
              feel you were under?
              TARON EGERTON:  Of course, it's a great deal of pressure, but in
              my experience, short that it is, it seems to me that a lead actor
              is only equal -- is only as good as the people he has around him.
              I'm very blessed in that I had an incredible director, an
              incredible creative team, incredible crew, and of course Elton,
              Bernie, David Furnish, Patrick, and Janine were all adamant that
              I was the man to do it.  So I began to believe that and felt
              confident enough to have a good time and enjoy myself as well as
              do a lot of hard work.
              QUESTION:  You are brilliant.
              TARON EGERTON:  You have to say that.  Thank you.  But yeah, of
              course there's always doubts and fears, but that's the director
              of the film.  Yeah.
              QUESTION:  He's brilliant.  You are amazing.  He is amazing.
              TARON EGERTON:  Thank you.  Thanks.  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  Hi.  Great performance.  I loved the movie.
              TARON EGERTON:  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  I actually saw it three times.
              TARON EGERTON:  That's good.  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  I loved it.
              TARON EGERTON:  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  Is there any advice that Elton John gave you
              personally before shooting?
              TARON EGERTON:  A lot of what Elton says you can't actually
              repeat because it's quite naughty.  The thing he said to me that
              was really lovely, he said, "Don't worry about sounding exactly
              like me.  The movie is" -- it's inspired by Bernie's legacy.
              It's in the spirit of their story, but it's hopefully very
              personal as well.  And what Elton very kindly did was give me the
              license to, with Josh and Dexter, reinvent the songs and create a
              character that's kind of a hybrid of him and me.  Because it's a
              very personal situation that the character finds himself in this
              journey in recovery and therapy.
              QUESTION:  Congratulations.  I'm just wondering, how did you
              prepare for this very important role?  I know it's one thing to
              portray a role for someone who is still around -- someone who's
              no longer around.  With Elton John, he's still around.  Did you
              have any fear of -- tell us, how was it working with Elton John?
              TARON EGERTON:  Yeah, of course.  I mean, there's always an
              element of trepidation and fear, particularly when you are
              portraying someone who is so well loved, but fear can be
              galvanizing if you don't let it rule you and it can be harnessed
              to your benefit and it can be an aid.  In terms of preparation, I
              just listened to Elton's music, read as much as I could, watched
              as much as I could, and spent time with him and spent a lot of
              time talking with Dexter Fletcher, the director, about building a
              character and spending as much time as you can making it
              intensely personal.  So it's not something that feels -- so it's
              something that feels raw and true to you and that is based on
              your own experiences, as well as the experiences of the person
              you are depicting.  When I was in drama school, someone said to
              me that imagination is memory mixed up and reused.  And I think
              acting, when it's good, is all about bringing your own
              experiences to bear and putting them through the filter of the
              character, and that's what I felt this was part of an opportunity
              for me to do.  Thank you.  Thank you so much.  I'm really
              pleased.  Thank you.


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