Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama

  • Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama


    AWARD 26

    Best Actress, Motion Picture, Drama

    Renée Zellweger

    RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  Thank you.  Wow, I really am up here.  Well, hi, everybody.  It’s nice to see you.  You all look pretty good 17 years later.

    Thank you to the HFPA for inviting me back to the family reunion, especially with all these extraordinary ladies this year.  I mean it.  Your work moves me.  It moves me.  And I’ve been cheering you all from theater seats for a long time.  Being on a list with you is cool.

    Who thanks their agents first?  Me. Kevin Huvane, Brian Lourd, Peter Levine, Nicole Perna, Don Lapel, Macie, John  Carrabino, my partners in crime.  I just have to thank you for always reminding me that the top doesn’t matter.  It’s the journey that matters.


    And the work that matters.  Thank you for always saying just do the work, Renee.  Just do the work.  Thank you.  And this film, my goodness, cool brilliant director, thank you.  Thank you to David Livingstone for that first call, Cameron.  A lot of people I’m going to try to squeeze in.  ABC Films for making it.  Josh, Jeremy for all the prosthetics.  You’re just incredible.  Matt Deekly Maestro, Eric Vetro, Gary Catana, Jeff Foster, Paul, you guys kicking me in the pants, make me try a little bit harder.  Jesse Buckley, Finn Wittrock.  Finn Wittrock and Rufus, I have to tell you, celebrating one of the great icons of our time with you has been one of my great life blessings, and the conversations that I have had with people internationally who just want to express their love for Judy Garland and tell about the great personal significance of her legacy and her humanity has been a great reminder that the choices that we make matter.  What we make matters, and how we choose to honor each other in our lifetimes can matter a great deal down the road.  Thank you so much, everybody.  It’s nice to see you.  I’m honored.  Thank you.


    RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  Hi everybody.
              QUESTION:  Renee?
              RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  Hi.  Thank you.  They made you all work
              together.  I thought you got the night off.
              QUESTION:  Congratulations.
              RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  Thank you so much.
              QUESTION:  Just extraordinary.
              RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  Reflecting back on working on this film, what's the
              single most important thing you've taken away from it?  And
              secondly, if I might just ask, I know you have a lot of family in
              RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  I do.
              QUESTION:  What would you say?
              RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  Oh, a hundred percent.  I'll start with that,
              if I could.  We are thinking about you, and in my circle, you
              know, we are doing what we can to -- I don't know -- push the
              conversation in the right direction so that folks will give a
              little credence to the science that proves that we need to pay
              attention and take action.  It breaks my heart to watch it
              happening, and it's just so overwhelming, people putting their
              lives on the line every day to try and keep it at bay, and it
              just keeps growing.  It seems insurmountable, doesn't it?  I
              don't know.  I mean, living in Southern California and we
              experience -- I think I evacuated five weeks, six weeks in a row
              for different fires, different fires.  Gosh, what those guys and
              ladies do is pretty extraordinary.  They are heroes.  I went to
              go visit some of the firemen in my neighborhood after the really
              big fire in Malibu last year, and he was saying, Gosh, the wind,
              the wind.  I hadn't thought about this.  You've got 60
              miles-an-hour wind.  I can't run that fast.  I can't run that
              fast.  And you think that's what's happening in Australia, isn't
              it?  Anyway, we are thinking about you.  Thinking is not enough.
              We need to do something.  The biggest thing I took away,
              gratitude.  Gratitude, just I learned so much and, I mean, the
              shared experience of it and this celebration of Judy Garland, who
              meant so much, her legacy means so much to so many people.  I
              didn't say out there, because my brain was scrambled because
              adrenaline and memory don't mix, apparently, that people still
              want to share about what she means to them 50 years after her
              passing.  It says so much, doesn't it?  Yeah.  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  Renee, we are so happy to see you here.
              Congratulations on a brilliant performance.
              RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  I was going to say I'm so happy to see you too,
              but I can't find you.  Where are you?  Hi.  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  You were starting to talk about Judy Garland a little
              bit more in the speech?
              RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  Yes.
              QUESTION:  Did you talk to the family at all?  Any messages you
              want to get out there?  Anything else you want to say about Judy
              RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  Gosh, there's a million things to say about
              Judy.  I mean, gosh, I don't know.  I don't know.  If you could
              ask me more specifically, maybe, I could share.
              QUESTION:  Did you have a favorite Judy Garland performance?
              RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  Oh, certainly.  "The Battle Hymn of the
              Republic" on her TV show, standing there.  Good Lord, it's ugly,
              isn't it, when she's singing after her friend the president
              passed away.  I mean, if you haven't seen it, you guys have got
              to Google that.  It just gives you chills.  She took everything
              to another level, didn't she?  She took something that was
              extraordinary and made it for all time, kind of like the woman
              herself.  Yeah.  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  Hey.
              RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  Hi.  Nice to see you.
              QUESTION:  Good to see you.  I hope you are not going to go away
              now.  What's this for you?
              RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  I don't know.  I'm going to take this home and
              find out where it's going to live.
              QUESTION:  Then where will you place?
              RENÉE ZELLWEGER:  Yeah, we'll find out.  Thank you.  Very much.
              Thank you.  All right.  Good night, everybody.  I'm very
              grateful.  Thank you very much.


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