Best Actress in a Television Series – Drama

  • Best Actress in a Television Series – Drama


    Award 16

    Best Actress ‑ TV Series ‑ Drama

    Olivia Colman, “The Crown”

    OLIVIA COLMAN:  Hello.  Thank you so much.  Oh, I said I had money on this not happening.  For the last year, I feel like I’ve been living someone else’s life, and now I feel like I’ve definitely won someone else’s award.  Thank you so much, HFPA and Netflix and Left Bank and ‑‑ I’ve had the loveliest time doing this.  And to all my fellow nominees, who are all just marvelous.  I don’t know what to say because I genuinely ‑‑ I’ve already got a little bit boozy because I thought this wasn’t going to happen.


    So thank you.  Completely stumped.


    And “Fleabag,” yay.


    Everyone here.  And, obviously, sitting there, watching everybody is so exciting.  We’ve gone, “Look who it is.  Look who’s there.”  So thank you for having us.  Thank you for having me.  I’ve had such a lovely time.  Thank you very much.


     OLIVIA COLMAN:  Hello
              QUESTION:  Hello.  Congratulations.  First of all, the question
              is:  You went to the Buckingham Palace and received a CBA award.
              Did the Palace look similar to the set?  Was it...
              OLIVIA COLMAN:  Actually, on set, it feels like we are doing too
              much, but it turns out we are not.  So having been to the Palace,
              it's bigger than we've been doing, and there are more people than
              we've had in costume.  You can't quite imagine how over the top
              it is.
              QUESTION:  Well, they say it's good to be Queen, especially for
              you, two times in a row.  What in you is able to understand
              somebody who has that kind of power or that kind of -- and that
              kind of -- mixed with that kind of prediction from the moment
              your first episode of this came out, people just knew you have
              it.  You conveyed it?
              OLIVIA COLMAN:  That's very sweet of you.  I think any actor,
              it's just a job.  I'm just an actor, and it's beautifully
              written.  If the writing is there, then it makes your job very
              QUESTION:  Oh, no.  This is more than that.
              OLIVIA COLMAN:  Well, that's very sweet of you.
              QUESTION:  Congratulations.  Such a beautifully understated
              performance.  Was this one of your hardest roles to play simply
              because she is such a -- she's such a reserved person?
              OLIVIA COLMAN:  Yes.
              QUESTION:  She is so crisp?  She keeps everything inside.  How is
              that to portray on screen?
              OLIVIA COLMAN:  It's hard because everyone knows who she is and
              what she looks like.  It's harder than playing someone who is
              imaginary, and yes, the reserved society is much like this.  It's
              very natural to me.  Yes.  So occasions when I can't control
              myself, we had to come up with sort of tricks which stopped me
              from crying.
              QUESTION:  What kind of tricks?
              OLIVIA COLMAN:  Well, they gave me an earpiece so I could listen
              to something boring to try and not think about what was happening
              around me.  Not the mark of a great actor.
              QUESTION:  Olivia, obviously, you are a great actress, and you do
              play the role; but playing this role, have you been able to maybe
              understand more the complexities of that role in real life being
              the Queen?
              OLIVIA COLMAN:  I think that would be presumptuous of me to
              imagine playing the part would -- I would have any insight into
              what it's actually like.  So I think no.  That's a lifetime of
              having to be a certain way, and it's not -- I can only imagine.
              It's been an honor to play it.  I wouldn't dare to presume.
              QUESTION:  I'm just curious if you met the Queen or if you've
              spoken to the Queen and have been given the chance, what sort of
              questions would you ask her?
              OLIVIA COLMAN:  If I met the Queen, I'd quite like to ask her
              what other jobs she would have liked had she had a choice.  Yes,
              I think everybody says, "What's in her handbag?"  But I don't
              care what's in her handbag.  I'd quite like to know what she
              would have liked to have been if she had been able to choose what
              she wanted.  Thank you.


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