Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture

  • Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture


    AWARD 11

    Best Supporting Actress, Motion Picture

    Laura Dern

    “Marriage Story”

    LAURA DERN:  Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press.  My first time here I was 14 years old.  It’s a great honor to be with you again tonight and to share this evening with extraordinary fellow actors who I so admire.  Thank you for your incredible work.

    We long to be of service to give voice to the voiceless, and thanks to the brilliant Noah Baumbach I got to do just that, give voice, pay tribute to the divorce lawyer.

    Long, long, overdue.  So thank you, Noah, for your seamless perfection, your guidance, your mentorship forever.

    Thank you to the most amazing cast, the dream cast of Adam and Scarlet and Allen and Ray and Julie and Merritt and Ezhy and everyone that worked on this film, our crew, to the incredible Netflix, our fearless leaders, to Scott, to the ever kindhearted nobleman, the British, Ted, to our amazing tribe.

    And I said just want to say I fell so blessed to be part of a film that, yes, tells the story of family finding their way for their child, through the end of a marriage, but the global look that Noah takes at what divisiveness is and how we must all come together as one for the sake of something greater, perhaps our planet even.

    So thank you very much, Noah, for the most incredible ride ever.  All my love.  Thank you all.


    LAURA DERN:  Hello.
              QUESTION:  Everybody is watching Tom Hanks.  That's why they are
              LAURA DERN:  Good.  Good.  Now tell me what he is saying.  I hate
              to miss it.
              QUESTION:  Hi, Laura.  Over to your right.  I wanted to ask you
              about this role in general that you won the award for.  It's
              quite a in-your-face role.  What was it like playing this
              particular person?  Does it get all of your tensions out of you?
              After you do these lines, do you feel completely free of any
              built-up tension?
              LAURA DERN:  Well, hopefully she helps any of us never want a
              divorce.  It definitely did that for me.  Mostly, it's really
              such an homage to Noah.  I have never read a more perfect
              screenplay in my life.  Every moment is seamlessly directed
              within the page.  The way I click my heels off is described on
              the page.  Everything, everything, for all of us, it's just
              meticulous.  It's like mastery play-writing.  So as a cast, we
              know how incredibly lucky we are to be with that level of
              screenwriter and director.  And to seemingly play the villain and
              then give me truly maybe the greatest monologue I've ever been
              able to say, and she's also right, and we'll also win and it's
              also ugly, it really speaks to the business of divorce, if you
              will.  So I feel very privileged.
              QUESTION:  Hey, Laura.  Congrats on the win.
              LAURA DERN:  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  Great performance, by the way.
              LAURA DERN:  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  I'm so obsessed with your movie.
              LAURA DERN:  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  I know you played a feisty lawyer to start with in the
              movie, but I want to know, on a personal level, how much of the
              story line, being a divorce lawyer, how much of it do you believe
              in your personal life?
              LAURA DERN:  Well, you know, in just one cast, which could have
              been a million different people, and one crew, that could have
              been a million different people, we all felt personal about it,
              and so to my amazing divorced parents and my amazing stepparents
              and my amazing children, who came from love, despite an ending in
              a marriage -- like, we are so privileged to redefine what family
              looks like and to consider, as Noah has said about the story when
              we first talked about it, he said, "I want to tell a love story
              where endings are not failures."  And that really moved me and
              struck me deeply.  So there was no one that worked on this movie
              that hadn't had their family reconfigured, if you will, and so we
              all shared that.  It feels deeply personal to all of us.
              QUESTION:  Congratulations.
              LAURA DERN:  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  You've had an incredible career.  And I'm wondering,
              speaking of family, you called Adam Driver your family too.  So
              I --
              LAURA DERN:  I love him.
              QUESTION:  Yes.
              LAURA DERN:  He's so amazing.
              QUESTION:  What piece of advice have you given him to take him
              through his career or to help him in any way?
              LAURA DERN:  I think it's probably him giving me advice.  The
              first one that comes to mind is, you have kept a prop or a
              costume from every movie you've done, right?  I called my
              parents, and I said, "Adam Driver just said, 'Have you kept a
              prop or a costume?'"  My dad was like, "I never did that."  My
              mother said, "Nobody ever told me to do that."  And I realized
              that part of what we are teaching each other is to love the
              stories that we are privileged to be part of, that inspire us as
              actors.  Or as you said, I call him family, these families we get
              to rediscover by the storyteller that casts us or creates a
              family.  And so he guides me a great deal and really has an
              effortless way about all of it, about this, about film-making,
              and yet he's the hardest worker imaginable.  So I don't know what
              I've offered him, except hopefully some really good laughs as
              we've been on the journey since our first film festival with
              this, let alone the film-making process.
              QUESTION:  Congratulations on your award tonight.
              LAURA DERN:  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  I just double-checked, in 1982, you were Miss Golden
              Globe.  And can you talk about what it's like, is there any
              memories from that night?  And also, did you see -- I'm sorry.
              I'm going to put a two-parter in.  You were such an important
              part of "The Puppy Episode" in Ellen.  Did you get to see her
              tonight?  And lastly, Renata is the best.
              LAURA DERN:  Thank you.  I love Renata too.  Thank you very much.
              I will say I did not see Ellen tonight.  She was staring at me at
              one point, and her speech really moved me and I was crying.  That
              was an incredible moment to be part of, one of the great moments
              of my life to be there in support of that moment with her.  And
              what was the first one?
              QUESTION:  1982 Miss Golden Globe.
              LAURA DERN:  And 1982.  Yes, times have changed.  I remember how
              simple it seemed, with my grandma driving me up to the Hilton in
              her gray Toyota Corolla, and I changed in the bathroom.  I don't
              know.  I feel like there were eight of us here.  So this is very
              glamorous, which is also very fun, but there was something very
              beautiful about knowing this community at such a young age and
              having my grandma with me and the amazing Marin Ruth, a former
              Hollywood press member, very loving to me as a young kid poking
              around here.  So I have strong and loving memories.  Thank you.
              QUESTION:  You've had such an incredible year in Marriage Story.
              I am going to do a little bit out of line.  How many people are
              yelling out to you in the street, "I will not, not be rich"?
              LAURA DERN:  Almost daily.  It is amazing, and it is amazing how
              diverse a group it is, including a very frustrated father of a
              teenage girl in a Forever 21 yesterday, who looked overwhelmed
              and tried to be hip for his daughter and screamed out the line to
              me, and she was so embarrassed, and I loved him for it.  It made
              me so happy.  And while I just have you here, because we had a
              beautiful time talking together, I'm sending all my love as I'm
              here with Nicole and my beloved friend Naomi Watts and their
              families are very close to the fires, I'm sending so much love to
              Australia, and I pray, with all our day jobs, that we are also
              dedicating our lives to our environment and figuring out how we
              can save our home.  Thank you so much.


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