Best Television Series – Drama

  • Best Television Series – Drama


    AWARD 4


    JESSE ARMSTRONG:  Thank you very much.  Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  Thanks to HBO for their tremendous support to Richard Plepler, to Casey Bloys, Francesca Orsi, Nora Skinner, who have given us such good support.

    And for everyone else who works on the show, you know, it’s a team show, and I am here as the representative to accept it on behalf of all of us.  So if you’ve ever appeared on the call sheet or in the titles of “Succession,” congratulations.  We’ve won a Golden Globe.


    QUESTION:  Jesse.
              JESSE ARMSTRONG:  Yes.
              QUESTION:  Can you tell us anything about Season 3?  Is Waystar
              going to get taken over by Disney?
              JESSE ARMSTRONG:  I think you've got a better question than I
              have an answer.  That's a good one.  We are in the writers' room
              right now, and I shouldn't say too much about it.  Boring.  Can
              you back me up?
              NICHOLAS BRAUN:  We are not interested at all, any of us.
              BRIAN COX:  We are asked this question every fucking season.  We
              are so bored with it.  Would you agree?
              CAST MEMBER:  Yes.
              CAST MEMBER:  I wanted to.
              BRIAN COX:  Yeah, the people don't know what's going to happen,
              and that's the way it should be, right?
              JESSE ARMSTRONG:  Correct.
              NICHOLAS BRAUN:  They might open a deli.
              CAST MEMBER:  Franchise some delis.
              QUESTION:  Congratulations.  A common theme some people say about
              the show they are unclear of which characters to root for.  Is
              likability an issue in your writer group, and how did you push
              past that?
              JESSE ARMSTRONG:  No.  We've never thought about that too much.
              We always thought if the characters were compelling, it didn't
              matter if they were nice people.  And when you are working with a
              cast like this, there are layers there, and I think lots of
              people we know aren't wholly one thing or another; right?
              QUESTION:  I already asked Brian if he would adopt me, and he
              said I was too late.  I told him I'd be a good kid, but anyhow.
              What made you know that Brian could play this part?  And are
              there sides of him you see in the character that we just don't
              know about?
              BRIAN COX:  That question is for you.
              JESSE ARMSTRONG:  I think I was confident.  I think it was Adam
              McKay, who shot the first episode, who first suggested Brian, and
              I was immediately enthusiastic.  I knew his work from --
              actually, I don't think I've ever seen him on stage, but his
              reputation of stage acting was huge, and his performances, I was
              confident that we -- he could do the stuff we wanted to.  And I
              guess all actors draw on themselves.  He's not that ogre.  He's a
              delightful human being, but we all have things inside us that we
              can bring out at times we need to.
              BRIAN COX:  And we do need to somehow.
              QUESTION:  Jesse, can you talk about do you monitor the Wall
              Street Journal and business headlines regularly for inspiration?
              How much of what you put on screen is rooted in some level in
              real life, in business, in the rarefied air of the moguls you
              write about?
              JESSE ARMSTRONG:  Yeah.  We read the Wall Street Journal and the
              Financial Times a lot in the room to show it reflects reality.
              It isn't reality.  It's not a romantic play about one family or
              one business, but there should be resonances from the world in
              every business storyline we do.  And the material that you can
              get from those places is extraordinary.  And you are wise to
              steal whenever you find good stories, and there are a lot of them
              in the financial and corporate world.


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