Best Practices for Joining Remote Depositions

  • Best Practices for Joining Remote Depositions

    Barkley recommends joining remote depositions from a MAC or Windows laptop that is equipped with a webcam and high-speed Internet. The most current version of the software being used for remote depositions should be installed on the computer. Check for software updates! Keep in mind that remote depositions can be joined from a mobile app or browser version, but doing so limits the features available, including the ability to receive exhibits sent using the file transfer option. Also avoid accessing the deposition through your firm’s VPN. These often block access to exhibits during the deposition. Have your firm’s IT staff check that your computer is compatible with the remote deposition technology, that you can send exhibits within the platform, and that your audio and video can be accessed by the platform.

    Prior to Joining Remote Depositions

    Before joining remote depositions, have your exhibits downloaded to your desktop. Your exhibits should be opened in your favorite software for annotating documents or saved in folder that you have open. Close any files, applications or folders that you are not using for the deposition—especially Gmail. Also turn off all notifications. Plan to join early—preferably 15 minutes early to allow time to test your audio. Once you join, the audio may be accessed using the microphone and speaker on your computer. If the remote deposition platform allows for connecting to the audio by phone, acquaint yourself with how to switch to phone audio should you experience audio drop outs.

    Before starting your deposition, ask the deponent to put away all other devices for the duration of the deposition. Have them position their webcam so you can see their face and hands. If this is not possible, consider asking the deponent to move their webcam around so you can be assured that there are no documents or devices within eye sight that could help guide their testimony.

    Attend an Online Training

    If you received a deposition notice that named the mobile videoconferencing platform being used, you likely recognized it. Don’t mistake familiarity with preparation.  Security measures and different features have likely been modified by the court reporting agency to make the platform suitable for depositions. Take time to attend a demo or request hands-on training. You want to test out how you will introduce exhibits and use certain features ahead of time.

    For training on how to use remote deposition technology, call Barkley at 800.222.1231 or email us at We provide personalized, hands-on training once your deposition is set.

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