Best Original Song – Motion Picture

  • Best Original Song – Motion Picture


    “Lo Si” ‑ “The Life Ahead”

    Acceptance Speech:

    DIANE WARREN:  Thank you Edoardo Ponti, Sophia Loren.  Thank you, Edoardo, for letting us be a part of your amazing movie.  It’s such a beautiful story about people who aren’t really seen and who see each other and they see each other through love and that’s what inspired this song.  So thank you again.  Thanks so much.

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I feel so proud.  Thank you very much, Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  I’m so, so ‑‑ I feel goosebumps everywhere.  Thank you very much.  “Gracia mila” we say in Italian.  Gracia to Edoardo, Sophia Loren.

    Once again to Diane, I really love you.  Thank you very much.

    And Niccolò Agliardi and Bonnie Greenberg and all the team that help us to build this amazing project of “The Life Ahead.” “Gracia a tutti quanti.”  Thank you to all of you.

    Backstage Interview:

    QUESTION:  Hello and congratulations on tonight.  If you finally win the Oscar this year, will it be bittersweet that you won’t be able to win it in front of your peers?

    DIANE WARREN:  No, it would be awesome.  Like, it would be great.  If that would happen, I’d be — you know, I’d be so happy, you know.  Yeah, it would be great if everything’s in person, but I’d be beyond honored, you know.  It would be great.  And the Oscars are on my dad’s birthday.  So that’s really a cool thing, so…

    QUESTION:  Can you tell us about this song?

    DIANE WARREN:  I wrote the song “Seen.”  It was written in English, obviously.  I thought the perfect person to sing it would be Laura Pausini, and I reached out to her and she loved the song.

    And then Edoardo Ponti, the director really felt — the movie is in Italian, so it made sense for the song to be in Italian as well.  She ended up working on the Italian lyrics and singing it.  It is so beautiful.  I can’t imagine anybody else singing that song like Laura.  She’s one of the best singers on the planet.  I am happy to be partners with her with this.

    I’m sure she — I haven’t talked to her yet.  I’m sure she’s pretty excited.  I was so excited I started crying, because I didn’t think I was going to win.

    QUESTION:  Hi, Diane.  It’s an honor.  You are one of my favorite songwriters.  You wrote “Have You Ever,” by Brandy, one of my favorite songs, and then you wrote Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart.”  You also worked for Celine Dion.  You last won a Golden Globe ten years ago when you last worked with Cher.

    Is there any artist you are just inspired by right now and you would like to write a song for?  You have already worked with Mariah Carey and other greats.  Is there anyone that still hasn’t been a collaboration that you are dying for?

    DIANE WARREN:  You know, I am working with new artists all the time, so there’s not like one artist.  But now, one really cool thing that happened to me a couple months ago is I did a song for Ringo, and Paul McCartney is on it, along with other artists.  So I have two Beatles singing on my song.  So I don’t know how it gets better than that, as far as artists doing my songs.

    But I am always looking for new artists and artists that are contemporary artists now and stuff, too.  I just love writing songs for people that can sing, you know.  That’s what excites me.  Someone that can bring the song to life that sounds better than me, which by the way, is not hard, but yeah.

    QUESTION:  Congratulations on your award tonight.

    DIANE WARREN:  Thank you very much.  I like your fireplace.

    QUESTION:  Thank you.  It is great.

    DIANE WARREN:  It looks real.

    QUESTION:  I like your background, your couch looks incredibly comfy.


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