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  • Best Actor Motion Picture, Musical Or Comedy


    Sacha Baron Cohen ‑‑ “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”

    Acceptance Speech:

    SACHA BARON COHEN:  Oops.  Thank you again for the Hollywood Foreign Press.

    Hold on.  Hold on.  Donald Trump is contesting the result.  He’s claiming that a lot of dead people voted, which is a very rude thing to say about the HFPA.

    Yeah.  Just thanks again to everyone else, to Thomas Kolarek, who did my costumes, the brilliant makeup team, to Erinn Knight, to the incredible editors, to the field team who literally risked their lives.

    And most thanks of all to my bodyguard who stopped me getting shot twice.  You know who you are and you know I’m not allowed to say your name, but

    Thank you and thank you to the other (phonetic) nominees.  I love you.

    Backstage Interview:

    QUESTION:  Shalom, Sacha.


    QUESTION:  Congratulations.  We are from Channel 13 News in Israel.  You spoke about Trump in your speech.  How important was it for you to get the movie out there before the elections?  How happy were you with the results?  And did you know here in Israel we are about to vote again this month?

    SACHA BARON COHEN:  You are voting again?  Enough already.  Like Passover, why is this election different from all others?

    Listen, I made “Borat” because of the election.  Sorry, what was that?

    QUESTION:  No, I said we are going to vote again, and Netanyahu is still the prime minister.

    SACHA BARON COHEN:  I made this movie because of Donald Trump, because I felt democracy was really in danger.  I felt that the kind of underbelly that I had exposed in “Borat,” one of anti-Semitism and hatred and misogyny, had become overt.  Racists were out and proud.  We had one who was the president, and he was spreading these conspiracy theories of hate and lies, and it was really helped by social media as well.  I felt the only thing I could do was pull out the gray suit and do Borat again.

    So I had an incredible team of people.  We felt we had to get it out before the election as me ringing the bell, saying, this is the danger of reelecting him.  If he had won on November 3rd and I hadn’t made the movie, I would not have been able to live with myself.

    So I am so happy it came out and you enjoyed it and you saw it and the vote came out as it did, both tonight and on November the 3rd.

    QUESTION:  Sacha, what does winning tonight mean to you especially at a time like this?

    SACHA BARON COHEN:  It’s fantastic.  I mean, it is wonderful recognition for me and, particularly for our incredibly hardworking crew.  These are people who really risked their personal safety.  They risked arrest.  There were times where I had to wear a bulletproof vest because there were really dangerous situations.  We first were going out shooting during COVID.  But we felt we had to make this movie because of the dangers of Trump and Trumpism and the upcoming election.

    Amazingly, we managed to pull it off even with coronavirus.  We had an incredible team, including an amazing actor, Maria Bakalova, who infiltrated Trump’s inner circle, who was brought into the White House when Trump was there, was with Donald Trump’s son and obviously with his lawyer in that now-famous scene.

    So it is incredible.  I am blown away.  I grew up in northwest London.  No one I knew was an actor.  So to have a TV show in England was beyond my wildest dreams, let alone making a movie and getting awards for it.  It is mind-blowing, really.

    QUESTION:  Hey, Sacha.  First of all, congratulations.

    SACHA BARON COHEN:  Thank you.

    QUESTION:  I guess my first question for you is, what did you make of tonight’s virtual, weird, interesting Golden Globes, A?  And B, you thanked your bodyguard for helping you not get shot.  So how close did you get to being shot?

    SACHA BARON COHEN:  Well, I thought the virtual experience was different, but a lot more relaxing.  You don’t have to do the red carpet, which I am not sure many people really enjoy.

    And yeah, listen, we had a few dangerous situations.  This was probably the most dangerous project I have ever had to work on, but we felt that the risks were worth taking, because I was just very worried about Trump and Trumpism and the election and that our democracy was at risk.  And I was really scared, the whole crew were, about the lies, hate and conspiracy theories that were being expressed by the President and propagated on social media, so me and the whole crew took immense risks.

    But yes, there were situations that I would never want to go back to do again, which is why the gray suit is locked up and not coming out again.

    QUESTION:  Hi, Sacha.  So I saw obviously your wife was with you when you accepted the award.  So what is it like having her be so supportive and be by your side?

    And then my second question is just, have your kids watched any of your recent films, and what are their thoughts on you as an actor?

    SACHA BARON COHEN:  I couldn’t understand the end of your question.  Sorry.

    QUESTION:  What have your kids thought of you as an actor, and have they seen any of your recent films?

    SACHA BARON COHEN:  I still don’t understand.  What — I heard “actor” and “recent films.”  What is the line before that?

    QUESTION:  Just if your kids have watched any of your recent films and what they think of you as an actor?

    SACHA BARON COHEN:  I don’t talk about my family, so — I want them to have privacy.  You are entitled to ask another question.  Do you want to ask another question?  I want to warn everyone, no mention of children.  Thank you.

    QUESTION:  Just of your wife being by your side tonight, how exciting is it for you to be there with her and for her to be so supportive?

    SACHA BARON COHEN:  Listen, it’s impossible to make a movie like this without having an incredibly supporting spouse.  Yeah, I went and made two movies in the last 12 months, “Chicago 7” and “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.”  These are long shoot days.  I remember calling saying, “I was lucky to make it out in one piece today.”  So you need a very, very understanding wife, and I am very lucky to have her.


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