Best Performance by an Actress in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

  • Best Performance by an Actress in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

    Best Actress ‑ Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for TV

    Anya Taylor-Joy,  “The Queen’s Gambit”

    Acceptance Speech:

    ANYA TAYLOR‑JOY:  Oh, my goodness.  Thank you so much.  Nicole, Cate, everybody, thank you.  I’ve spent so much time with you guys over lockdown, I feel like I know you.  Thank you so much for your work.  I would love to thank Netflix and the HFPA, of course.  Thank you for letting us make the show that we wanted to make.  Our beautiful cast, our beautiful crew, thank you so much.  And I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my wonderful movie dad, Cargo Bill.  Scott Frank, my God, Scott, I love you.  Thank you for letting me be part of this journey.  Thank you for trusting me with Beth.  And Beth, I would do ‑‑ it’s, obviously, wonderful that everyone’s seen the show, but I would do this project again and again and again.  I learned so much.  I’m so grateful.  And to you, the audiences that have watched it and supported the characters, it meant the world.  So thank you so much.  OK.  I’m going to ‑‑ thank you.

    Backstage Interview:

    QUESTION:  Congratulations, Anya.  You said in previous interviews that your attitude towards life and everything comes from growing up in Argentina.  Which aspects of the Argentinian life led you to win the first Golden Globe of your career?

    ANYA TAYLOR-JOY:  Goodness.  I would like to thank the fact that I grew up in a very supportive family, and I really understand the value of teamwork.  It is a team that makes a film, a team that supports you.  So I think my love of the team is what I am thankful for.

    QUESTION:  Hello.  How are you?  It is good to see you.  Congratulations.

    ANYA TAYLOR-JOY:  Thank you.

    QUESTION:  So I just wondered at this point if you could sum up how your life has changed over the past year or so.  And at this point are you playing chess all the time, or have you had enough for a lifetime and don’t care if you never see another chessboard again?

    ANYA TAYLOR-JOY:  Oh, goodness, I could never say that.  I love chess.

    However, I have had to pick up new skills for the movies I have been doing.  So I am looking forward to having some time off so I can get back to chess.

    And how has my life changed?  It’s wild, but I think the thing that makes me the happiest is that I love what I do more and more with each project.  I was concerned at a certain point that that love would go away, and it really hasn’t.  So I am very grateful to be as passionate as I am about what I love to do.

    QUESTION:  Hi.  How are you?

    ANYA TAYLOR-JOY:  I’m good.  I’m excited.

    QUESTION:  I know, girl.  I’m excited for you.  It is a beautiful thing.  Congratulations.

    I am coming to you from the chess capital of the world, St. Louis, Missouri, and I wanted to know — I know, right — what was the most surprising thing you discovered learning how to play chess?

    ANYA TAYLOR-JOY:  How much fun it is to punctuate a feeling by moving a piece.  It’s really fun.  Thomas Brodie-Sangster and I did that a lot.  We played very sassy chess.  And I didn’t realize I needed sassy chess in my life, but I do.

    QUESTION:  Hello, hello.  How you doing?  Congratulations on this win.  You got to be feeling particularly good.  Listen, we at Access Hollywood are such a fan of you, but not only a fan of you, but in particular tonight the look, lady.  You are our style star of the night.  I just want you to tell me the inspiration for the look tonight, like what you drew on.  Why this dress, why this hair, why this lip?  You look fantastic.

    ANYA TAYLOR-JOY:  Thank you very much.  I work with somebody who is very, very dear to my heart and is a true, true artist.  Lo and I, when we came up with the idea, it first started off with I wanted to wear green because green was very important to Beth and to Emma and to me.  So we started off with green.  But you work with someone that is as talented and visionary as Lo, it is pretty easy.  I just kind of say yes and go with it.  And we changed.  I am wearing two dresses.  It’s wild.

    QUESTION:  Yes.  Beautiful.  Beautiful.  Beautiful.  Thank you.


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