Best Supporting Actress In A Series, Limited Series Or Motion Picture Made For Television

  • Best Supporting Actress In A Series, Limited Series Or Motion Picture Made For Television


    Gillian Anderson ‑‑ “The Crown”

    Acceptance Speech:

    GILLIAN ANDERSON:  Oh, my God.  God.  You can be so relaxed and everything and you’re so relaxed and then you’re relaxed and then all of a sudden you start to freak out.  Jeez.

    Okay.  So, firstly, thank you very much to the Hollywood Foreign Press and to my fellow nominees and to Peter Morgan for imagining that I could inhabit Mrs. T.  And to Nina Gold, our casting director, who believed him or vice versa, however it worked.  To Peter Morgan, for writing an exquisitely multidimensional character against the odds.  And the Left Bank Productions, who run an incredible production, not least their entire research team headed by Annie Sulzberger.  To the extraordinary hair and makeup team headed by Cate Hall with Stacey Holman doing my day in and day out Thatcher helmet thing.  Extraordinary costumes by Amy Roberts and her daughter Sid and an army of incredibly magical women.

    Backstage Interview:

    QUESTION:  Hello, Gillian.  Once again, congratulations to you.  What an extraordinary night for “The Crown.”  One of the headlines certainly is going to be, “‘The Crown’ Sweeps the Golden Globes.”  Does that make this feel even more special, your own individual success and the overall success of the show?

    GILLIAN ANDERSON:  Most definitely it does.  I mean, as the last one up in the series, it got a little — I was sweating a little bit, hoping to not be the only one who didn’t end up, you know, taking home the trophy.

    And so, you know, it is incredible.  I think it is an amazingly strong season, and I think everybody was on their — absolutely their highest form.  So it was really, you know — really wonderful to be a part of that.

    Are my sentences too long?

    QUESTION:  Gillian, I know it is late in Prague.  How do you plan on celebrating tonight, and how are you staying awake right now?

    GILLIAN ANDERSON:  I don’t know how I’m awake right now.  I wasn’t awake in the middle bit, at least I was trying not to be awake at some point.  Right now, you know, I have a second wind.  It is very exciting.  I want to be awake for all of this, and yeah, it’s pretty cool.

    QUESTION:  Hello, hello.  Can you hear me?

    GILLIAN ANDERSON:  Hello, hello.

    QUESTION:  All right.  Here we go.

    GILLIAN ANDERSON:  Yeah, I can.

    QUESTION:  We are working out this Zoom thing.  Isn’t it crazy, the whole situation?

    Okay.  I feel like “The Crown” is really representing here tonight.  How does it feel to be amongst your costars, your friends, your coworkers representing tonight?

    GILLIAN ANDERSON:  Well, you know, it is incredibly cool.  It is amazing that so many cast members got nominated, and we certainly have done very well.  It’s amazing that the show also won tonight.  I think it is an incredibly strong season, and obviously it’s amazing to be a part of a season that people felt very strong about, and so I feel incredibly lucky right now and very proud to be a part of it and to have been offered the opportunity to be a part of it.

    QUESTION:  Hi, Gillian.  Can you hear me?

    GILLIAN ANDERSON:  Hi.  I can.

    QUESTION:  How are you?  Great, great, great.

    GILLIAN ANDERSON:  I am good.  Thank you.  How are you?

    QUESTION:  I’m wonderful.  Congratulations on your win.  You must be so excited.  “The Crown” is literally television royalty tonight.

    What is it — what do you think was the most surprising tidbit that you discovered while preparing to portray the prime minister?

    GILLIAN ANDERSON:  One of the most enjoyable tidbits was the fact that she not only cooked food for her cabinet members up in the flat above Number 10 Downing Street, but the dish that we see her cooking them in the series is actually comprised of leftovers.  So, you know, that’s quite extraordinary, that she’s serving family leftovers to her male cabinet ministers in her apartment above Number 10.  I enjoyed that one.

    QUESTION:  Hello, Gillian.  This is amazing for you and also the show as well.

    Your portrayal of Margaret Thatcher, you played such a strong woman who is prime minister of her country.  What did you learn playing that dominant, strong woman role and when do you think the United States is going to catch up and we are going to have a female president in charge of our country, like Margaret was of hers?

    GILLIAN ANDERSON:  Well, hopefully, hopefully within the next four years that will happen, fingers crossed.

    It is interesting playing a character like Thatcher because she was so divisive and people have very, very strong opinions one way or the other.  They don’t often sit in the middle of the road.  Some would say regardless of the fact that she was a woman she impacted the country as such, and some would say that because of the fact she was a woman she impacted the country as such.

    So it’s — you know, I think hopefully, if we in America, I’ll say, get the opportunity to have a woman as president, hopefully it will be a clearer — a clearer response to the impact that our very first woman president has on the country and could be celebrated and discussed for decades more in that regard.

    QUESTION:  Hi, Gillian.  Congrats on your win.  So we asked Emma this about Prince Harry talking about — on James Corden he was talking about — he just reacted to seeing “The Crown.”  So I was just wondering what your reaction was to hearing Prince Harry comment on “The Crown,” and also if you heard from any other royals about watching “The Crown”?

    GILLIAN ANDERSON:  I haven’t heard any discussion about other royals and their opinions about “The Crown.”  I think they decidedly don’t express opinions.

    I would say that Harry is fairly well qualified to judge what is fact or fiction, and that it was pleasing to hear that he understood what Peter was trying to do on “The Crown,” that he’s telling a nuanced story of the challenges of putting duty and service before love and family, and that he has certainly many, many, many years of experience with that.

    So I think it was nice to be on the outside and also on the inside of a show that I cared about hearing, perhaps, that subject put to rest, one would hope.

    QUESTION:  Hi, Gillian.  Any chance of any more “X-Files”?


    QUESTION:  Hi.  Any chance of any more “X-Files” in the future?

    GILLIAN ANDERSON:  Oh, gosh, no, no.  Is that your question?  Okay.



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