Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture

  • Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture


    JODIE FOSTER ‑ “The Mauritanian”

    Acceptance Speech:

    JODIE FOSTER:  Oh, my God.  Are you kidding me?  I think you made a mistake.  I’m a little speechless.  I just never expected to ever be here again.  And, wow, I have to thank all of my amazing filmmakers.  My friends are screaming downstairs because it’s kind of late.  Kevin Macdonald, Tahar Rahim, Benedict Cumberbatch, Shailene Woodley, and the real‑life people, and Nancy Hollander. And most of all, the person that we all serve, we love you, Mohamedou Slahi.  You’ve taught us so much about being a human being, about being joyful and loving and forgiving, and that’s a lesson that you bring to everybody, all of these great ladies included.  I love my wife.  Thank you, Alex.  And Ziggy and Aaron Rodgers and, you know, the Hollywood Foreign Press, right?  This is awesome.  What a night.

    Backstage Interview:

    QUESTION:  How you doing, Jodie?  Congratulations.

    JODIE FOSTER:  Thank you.

    QUESTION:  I have to ask you, is this the most comfortable outfit you have ever been able to accept an award in?

    JODIE FOSTER:  The most comfortable and very beautiful.  So I am super excited.  I think we were all excited.  This is the best Globes ever, to be able to be home, but also it just felt really real.  It didn’t feel like it was filled with so much artifice.  I think people were kind of thrilled by the newness and the sort of live theater of it all.  It is really special.

    QUESTION:  Hi.  Congratulations.  I just loved when you had the acceptance, you had the dog there.  I’m wondering how you’re celebrating?  What’s the plan tonight?

    JODIE FOSTER:  Dinner’s waiting for me downstairs, so I think at some point I am going to eat, although I am not very hungry.

    We were thinking maybe of just driving around the city with our heads through the sunroof, kind of like dogs, you know.  That would be fun.  But mostly I am just smiling.  I feel giddy.  This is definitely the best Globes ever.  Best Globes ever.

    QUESTION:  Hi, Jodie.  How you doing?  Congratulations.

    JODIE FOSTER:  Thank you.

    QUESTION:  I think a lot of people were surprised that you thanked Aaron Rogers tonight in your acceptance speech, but you promised that you were going to do that, correct?  Now, can you tell us about that?  Is that because you’re just that big of a Packers fan, or have you gotten to meet him through Shailene?  What can you say about that?

    JODIE FOSTER:  Not only am I a huge Packers fan, but I am MVP.  I am competitive MVP with Aaron Rogers.  Yes, I am a huge Packers fan.  In fact I just got a very cute video from Aaron Rogers, where he says he’s going to get me back.  So I am looking forward to this.  We will see who wins.

    QUESTION:  Hi, Jodie.  How’s it going?

    JODIE FOSTER:  Good.

    QUESTION:  So I had two questions.  The first question was basically just, how supportive has your wife been?  And secondly, you know, people are saying that you set up Rogers with Shailene Woodley, so I am just wondering if you could clarify your relationship with the both of them?

    JODIE FOSTER:  What was your first question now, the first part?

    QUESTION:  How supportive your wife has been.

    JODIE FOSTER:  What was the first part?

    QUESTION:  Just how supportive your wife has been.

    JODIE FOSTER:  Oh, yeah, she’s the best.  She’s the best.

    I did not set up Shailene and Aaron.  I have never met Aaron Rogers.  So — but it is possible that I do like to talk about how much I love the Green Bay Packers, and sometimes I can talk a little bit too much about that.  So of course Shailene is very aware of my enthusiasm for the team.

    QUESTION:  Can you hear me?

    JODIE FOSTER:  Yeah, I hear you perfectly.

    QUESTION:  Okay.  Perfect.  I love that you said this is the best Globes ever.  I think back to watching you on the TV, you got your dog, your wife, you’re feeling — you look good, you feel good.

    Can you explain the joy you felt?

    JODIE FOSTER:  Shoes off.

    QUESTION:  No shoes on.  You’re living.  That’s living.

    If you can just explain that joy of winning in that environment?

    JODIE FOSTER:  You know what, I don’t know.  It’s thrilling.  I mean, I think this is really — it is really crazy.  I think this is the best Globes ever.  I think people feel thrilled and kind of anxious and excited because they don’t know if it’s going to mess up, the technology’s going to work or not, and they are home.  I don’t know.  It just felt real.  It feels — it feels like a pajama party.  I don’t know what to tell you.  It feels like a pajama party.

    QUESTION:  Hi, Jodie.  Can you hear me?


    QUESTION:  Congrats on your award.  I want to ask, the ceremony comes in the wake of an exposé that revealed a stunning lack of diversity in the HFPA.  I’m curious, how do you feel about that lack of diversity and what impact do you fear it has?

    JODIE FOSTER:  I feel like they really handled the question really well, which is they listened.  As you know, the HFPA is an organization of 80-some people maybe, 90 people from foreign magazines all around the world.  You know, the world is growing and changing and there’s a real awakening.  We are all getting better instead of worse.  So it sounds like the HFPA is open to change, and that’s exciting.

    QUESTION:  Hi, Jodie.


    QUESTION:  Just want to know what it meant to kind of win this tonight and have your family by your side as you did it?  Did you expect it?  How elated were they?  Talk to me about that moment.

    JODIE FOSTER:  I don’t think I have ever been as surprised by an award, ever, in my entire life.  This is the most surprising award I have had in my entire life, and mostly because of the amazing performances by all the amazing women in this category.  I don’t know, I guess I just never expected I would be back here, I just never did.

    When I won the Cecil B. DeMille, I remember saying that, I don’t know if I’ll ever be on this stage again.  The HFPA kind of feels like family to me because I have been coming since I was, you know, 12, 13, 14 years old, and I have a lot of nostalgia about it.  Once again, I just couldn’t have been more shocked.  I never thought I’d be here again.


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