Carol Burnett TV Achievement Award

  • Carol Burnett TV Achievement Award


    Norman Lear

    Acceptance Speech:

    NORMAN LEAR:  Hello and good evening, everyone.  Thank you for this wonderful night.  It knocks me out to be introduced by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey and to accept an award, this award in the name of Carol Burnett.  I could not feel more blessed.  I am convinced that laughter adds time to one’s life, and nobody has made me laugh harder.  Nobody I owe more time to than Carol Burnett and the brilliant team that helped her realize her comedic genius.

    Speaking of teams, I’ve had a lifetime of partners, performers, associations, and creative talents for which I am eternally grateful.  There would be an entirely different Norman Lear here with you tonight if there had not been those years of Ed Simmons and Norman Lear that were responsible for the “Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour” and “The Martha Raye Show.”  That would be true of every step of my career.  Following Ed Simmons, there was Bud Yorkin, brilliant Bud Yorkin, Roland Kibbee, Hal Gabe, of my glorious Hal Gabe.  Alan Horn, the span (phonetic), the greatest talent.  Jerry Perenchio, God bless him.  Mark E. Pollack, all of whom, among others, were major parts of the life and career that brought me to this very moment.

    Then there were all the writers, the Mark Gluckmans and Schillers and Weiskopf and Nicholls Ross and West and more.  Currently, Mike Royce and Gloria Calderon Colette.  And last, but certainly not least, the guy that pulled it all together for me currently, my friend and my partner, the brilliant Brent Miller.  It’s his back I rode in on as he rode in on mine to get here tonight.

    I also want to thank Sony Pictures.  Sony Pictures Television, one of the greatest, most able group of executives I’ve ever worked with.

    Then, of course, there’s my family, my glorious wife and partner of 30 years, Lyn Davis Lear, the five glorious daughters and my wonderful son, ranging in ages from 26 to 74, and their children, my four fabulous grandchildren.

    At close to 99, I can tell you that I’ve never lived alone.  I’ve never laughed alone.  And that has as much to do with my being here today as anything else I know.

    Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press.  Thank you each individual attending this virtual event with whom I’ve worked and been entertained and nurtured by and enhanced by.  And once more, thank you and bless you Carol Burnett for everything you have meant to me by way of joy, surprise, delight, and laughter.  As I think about you and laughter and the joy of our parallel careers (tugging his ear), so glad we had this time together.


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