Best Actor – TV Series, Drama

  • Best Actor – TV Series, Drama


    AWARD 3


    RICHARD MADDEN:  Thank you very much to the HFPA.  I didn’t see this coming at all.  I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the amazing crew and cast that made “Bodyguard.”  They worked really hard over the course of five months to make this show, and you guys made it.  And want to say thank you to Keeley Hawes, who is the best actress I could ever work with.  She’s amazing and generous.  Big thank you to World Productions and BBC and Netflix.  Thank you very much.  You guys are outstanding.  And Jed Mercurio, thanks for writing this, and thanks for trusting me to do it.  You’re amazing.  Thank you.  And I want to thank my team, everyone at WME and Trika.  You guys are amazing.  I’m really proud to work with you every day.  (Unintelligible), Colin Guy, and Sam Fox, Brandon Leidman.  Thank you.  Most importantly, my friends and my family and mom and dad, who flew all the way from Scotland.  Wouldn’t be here without you.  Thank you very much.

    Backstage Interview:

    Q:  This is a new experience for you.  What does it mean for you to win this award?

    MADDEN:  You constantly question yourself of the fact if you’re getting real enough or if you’re deserving of anything, and that’s a constant thing that you’re doing to yourself, is questioning your ability.  And, you know, it was like a real confidence booster thinking I can do this, I can do this, and then I’ve won it.

    I’m kind of blown away by it.  Because I’ve been acting for 20 years and then never thinking you’re good enough, I suppose.  And then to receive something like this is a real — it is a wake-up call to me to believe in yourself more because other people do.

    Q:  Some of us lock ourselves in rooms for hours binge watching you and just can’t take our eyes off you.  So congratulations on your performance.

    We also hear rumors of James Bond being offered to you, all those sorts of things.  Can you set us straight?

    MADDEN:  They are just rumors.

    Q:  What are on the horizon for you?

    MADDEN:  Rocketman.  It is totally different.  And Dexter Fletcher is directing.  He’s in his element.  So I look forward to that.

    Q:  And Bodyguard 2?

    MADDEN:  Who knows?  We have to speak to Jed Mercurio.  He’s open to it.  Hopefully he’ll have some genius ideas.

    Q:  Hi, there.  Congratulations.  Thank you for keeping me up the other night all night long.

    MADDEN:  Thank you.

    Q:  Who has been your biggest supporter and how and why throughout this whole process for you?

    MADDEN:  It’s got to be my parents.  I don’t come from any background that has any kind of actors in it or anything.  And they never understood what I did on the weekends and my weeknights.  And I went to youth theater or productions.  And when I went to auditions and they’d have to drive me for hours to do it, but they never questioned it.  They never discouraged it.  They only encouraged me the whole time.  So thanks to them this is what I do.

    Q:  This is a very intense character.  What kind of character did you want to play?

    MADDEN:  I wanted to get the ambiguity right, his moral ambiguity, where his loyalties lie, if he’s good or bad.  And so that’s something I kind of wanted to play with and change the temperature of things.  That was tough.

    And I wanted to convey the PTSD side in a way that I don’t see in television and film as much before, this kind of solitude and the whole day of living with something.  It’s not just kind of key events that can trigger this, that you can live with something.  So I wanted to do that in a genuine and empathetic way.

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