Best Actress Motion Picture, Musical Or Comedy

  • Best Actress Motion Picture, Musical Or Comedy


    AWARD 23


    OLIVIA COLMAN: Hello. Oh, lighting. Thank you so much. I’m not going to cry because my entire table will point and laugh at me because I’ve been crying all evening. Right? Hi. Thank you for the sandwiches. Amazing. Thank you. So thank you. Thank you very much to the Hollywood Foreign Press. Thank you so much. And Fox Searchlight and Emmett. And you, of course, thank you the most, actually Yorgos. And my bitches, Emma and Rachel. Thank you. Every second of working with you girls was such a joy. It was so much fun. I was so sad to be finished. And I would like to tell you how much this film means to me, but I can’t because I’m too excited because (bleep). I went on a private jet, and I ate constantly throughout the film. It was brilliant. And I promise I will keep on enjoying this because this is amazing. Look at you beautiful people. Thank you so much. And I’m going now. And Ed and the kids, look. Yay.



    Backstage interview:

    MS. COLMAN: Hello.

    Q. Congratulations, Ms. Colman. You started acting later in your career.

    MS. COLMAN: I don’t know what later means. I started in my 20s.

    Q. Winning this award, what would you say to your 20-year-old self?

    MS. COLMAN: Today, keep going. I had many years of not working. So you really appreciate when you are working. Keep going.

    Q. Olivia, congratulations. How does working with someone you have worked with before help, that trust?

    MS. COLMAN: I am not sure it helped enormously because Yorgos never smiles, but I have learned that he does a little thumbs up, and that means it is all going really well. He’s a lovely efficient man, kind efficient man. He supports you. You feel safe and when you feel safe you are able to do anything. He’s marvelous.

    Q. When you were doing press for The Night Manager, you talked about how you were not comfortable doing physical intimacy on the screen. The Favourite is very much the opposite of that. And I am wondering if you got more comfortable doing love scenes?

    MS. COLMAN: Love scenes with a woman is much easier because kissing a man made me feel I was cheating on my husband. Kissing a women is better. That sounds naughty.

    Q. You have done an incredible job of landing roles throughout your career. I am wondering your thoughts in general in the industry with older women on the screen.

    MS. COLMAN: You’re not 51? Fucking hell.

    I have been lucky. I have always found work, and I feel very fortunate. I don’t know why, but there are more and more parts being written. The older you get, the more you have to say. Also, most the people have been in charge of the remote control are men. The women want to hear our stories. I hope I look like you at 51.

    Q. You are going through a bit of a phase playing monarchs.

    MS. COLMAN: Two.

    Q. What appeals to you about the royalty?

    MS. COLMAN: Well, job-wise, they were fantastic scripts so I said yes. It could have been about anybody. It just so happens it was two queens.

    They are amazing stories. Anyone who is far removed from us is very interesting. And there aren’t many people as far removed from the general public.

    Q. What do you think about people curtseying in front of you?

    S. COLMAN: It is quite embarrassing.

    Q. Congratulations. Now, you see the script and begin to make this movie and you think, well, no one would understand this. Have you seen all the adjectives? Even people who love this movie, call it ridiculous, fresh, different, screwy, imaginative. What are words that you use because people don’t know exactly how to describe it?

    MS. COLMAN: When I am with them, I don’t know. It is great. It is original and funny and moving. It sort of turns period drama on its head. I think you see Yorgos Lanthimos, and you know it’s him. I think it is a beautiful film.


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