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  • Best Actress In A Television Series Musical Or Comedy


    AWARD 20


    RACHEL BROSNAHAN:  Wow.  Thank you.  Okay.  Thank you to the HFPA for being some of the first people to celebrate this show and to help other people figure out that we exist.   Thank you to our incredible village that it really takes to make this show.  And our village is a matriarchy led by Amy Sherman‑Palladino.  We have women in so many leadership roles across this show, at Amazon, led by Jen Salke.  Thank you.  Thank you to our entire team.  Thank you Amy and Dan and Dana and all of our producers.  To our team at Amazon, Jen and Jeff.  And to Albert and Ken and Mark and Donna.   Thank you to our cast, Alex and Michael and Tony and Marin.  You are the very best collaborators and playmates I could ever ask for on this insane journey.  Thank you.  Thank you to our crew who keep this ship afloat.  We can’t do it without them.  They are some of the kindest and most generous and talented and hardworking people I have ever had the privilege of working with, and I am so grateful every single day.  Thank you to my team, Kevin and Eda, Shawna, Ken, Lee.  They’re telling me to wrap it up.  Okay.  I’m talking faster.  There are so many more that I’m forgetting, I’m going to have to write some thank you notes.  Thank you.  Thank you my friends, my family.  Jason, I love.  I wouldn’t be here at all without you.  Thank you.  Thank you all so much, you guys.  Thanks.

    Backstage Interview:

    MS. BROSNAHAN: Hello.

    Q. Congratulations. It is the second time around for you. What does it mean this time to win this award?

    MS. BROSNAHAN: This has been the greatest experience of my life playing this part and being a part of this show and the fact that people have responded so positively to the second season means a great deal. Because I have been a part of great shows that never manages to find an audience. So the fact that we have held on to ours is huge. And this is great.

    Q. I wanted to know what kind of research did you do at the very beginning on this show to know about New York in the 1950s and the costumes?

    MS. BROSNAHAN: I can talk about the costumes all year. We don’t have enough time to talk about that.

    Our costume designer, Donna Zakowska, is a genius. And one of my favorite parts of prepping for every episodes is getting to come in to the costume shop with Donna and see all her new ideas up on the wall. She’s one of my favorite people to collaborate with and more to come.

    I did a lot of research about the comedy scene in the 1950s. Comedy was brand-new to me. And I lived in New York so I was fortunate enough to know a fair amount of history about New York itself but needed to do a deep dive in comedy, studied every comedian, male and female, I could get my hands on. Carol Burnett, she is here. I am a research nerd. I am still researching and learning new things, which has been really fun.

    Q. I wrote something on this, I think that the show could be for a lot of different people. What do you think about that?

    MS. BROSNAHAN: About it being for a lot of different people?

    Q. Yes, specifically for women of color. They did something where they did, we can change this and make her a lot of different things, ethnic themes, other races, et cetera, because the concept is so good, I think.

    MS. BROSNAHAN: Yeah, I think at the core it is about a woman finding a voice in a brand-new way and that’s something that’s happening all over the country. It has been lovely to hear from all different people, different races, ages, backgrounds and which characters they connect to in the show. Some people talk about Tony and Marin and feeling like their parents or they know someone like Alex, someone like Alex was a mentor for them. Yeah, it’s been really lovely.

    Q. What was it like shooting in Paris and have you heard anything about what’s going to happen in Season 3?

    MS. BROSNAHAN: New York feels like a character in New York, and we were discovering Paris as a character. I have never been to Paris before.

    Where do I hope it will go? I don’t know anything about the third season. It only exists in the Amy-Sherman Palladino and Daniel Palladino’s brains. We go back in the spring and I can’t wait to see a nugget or two that I will not possibly share, but I am as excited to find out as you.

    Q. Usually Jewish stereotypes of women being loud and sort of forced funny, it’s kind of a negative thing. In this show, you and the show make it poised and you make it a positive thing, not just for Jewish women, but all women. What was it like to play a comedian and a funny woman and a proud one?

    MS. BROSNAHAN: As I said, this has been a dream I did not know I had. I have never done comedy, don’t come from comedy, was and remain absolutely horrified of the idea of doing stand-up on television. I rarely read women who are as unapologetically confident as Midge, who are proud of their voices, who are curious and wanting to ask questions about the world around them. I find that inspiring and aspirational and it has been incredible to hear the same from other women.


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