Best Actress in a Television Series – Drama

  • Best Actress in a Television Series – Drama


    AWARD 11


    SANDRA OH:  Oh, Daddy.   Oh, my God.  Oh, “Killing Eve.”  Oh, my God.   Phoebe Waller‑Bridge, thank you so much.  Luke Jennings.  Oh, that entire table, Sally and Lee and Colin and *Sara and Nenna* and *Gena from BBC, incredible cast.  I’m so grateful.   I’m so grateful to my family, my beloved Leb* and Zee* and *Claire and Ez* and the boys.  Thank you.   Oh, my God.  My team, who are such incredible people, thank you so much.   But, mostly, there are two people here tonight that I am so grateful that they’re here with me.  I’d like to thank my mother and my father.   Oma, Opa, (speaking foreign language).   Thank you everyone.

    Backstage Interview:

    MS. OH: Glenn, isn’t she amazing?

    Q. You did a wonderful job. On top of that, you won an award besides being a wonderful host. Tell us about the award.

    MS. OH: I am just slowly landing into this room with you. I got to tell you that the win is so surprising and also I was so stressed about hosting that I just couldn’t give it one second’s thought. So it was unbelievable and amazing and I am so grateful that it happened. So I just feel — this is one of the most incredible nights of my life. So I am very grateful. Thank you.

    Q. Quick two-part question. A lot of Asian outlets tonight are so excited that we have our first Asian-American female host ever. Can you speak on that.

    Second, the whole Internet is going crazy about how your parents are so adorable cheering you on. Can you talk about how cool it was to have your parents there and how adorable they are.

    MS. OH: I think I am the first person of color to host the Golden Globes. So I am very grateful that they asked me. I think I am aware of what it means, and I humbly take that on. All I tried to do was do my best.

    As for my parents, who are amazing and amazing people and Internet sensations, they are so happy. It is just the kind of thing that for Asian kids to actually make our parents happy is so fulfilling, and that happened. I am so grateful they were here and able to come.

    Q. Congratulations. Can you speak a little bit about how your roots have helped change your career and helped you navigate through Hollywood?

    MS. OH: I can tell you how being Canadian helped me tonight. We are funny people. My roots are in Canada. All my improv training is in Canada, and really, it was not so much learning. If you’re Canadian you’re funny, but my training at the National Theater School of Canada, improv was all there, and that really helped me for the insanity of hosting. It was an amazing experience.

    Q. Congratulations.

    MS. OH: Thank you.

    Q. Great job with Andy tonight.

    Can you talk about the joke of introducing the cast of This is Us. Was it decided that joke would be done after 10:00 o’clock? It was racy and very funny.

    MS. OH: I got to tell you is all I was thinking about was landing that joke the entire night because that was my last joke of the night. So there’s things going on. I am standing there with a statue, but all I’m thinking about is that word, and I got to land it. I thought it was an amazingly fantastic funny line. All I was focusing on was landing the joke.

    Q. Do you think it’s true?

    MS. OH: That’s private, very private.



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