Best Television Series – Drama

  • Best Television Series – Drama


    AWARD 4


    JOEL FIELDS:  Thanks Keri, Matthew, Noah, Holly, our incredible cast, all of the writers, directors, editors, the best crew in the universe.

    JOE WEISBERG:  John Landgraf, Eric Schrier, Nick Grad, Jonathan Frank, Les Wilson, John Solberg, Lana Kim, the whole amazing team at FX, you nurtured and loved this show, and we love you guys.  Peter Rice, Dana Walden, Gary Newman, everyone at FOX for your constant support.  Barry Lehulis^ and Chris Wong^, you walk into a room, and life is good again.  Darryl Frank, Dustin Falvey, Steven Spielberg, Graham Yost, you started it all.

    JOE WEISBERG:  Joe Cohen for everything, basically.  Dan Hallsted^, thank you.  Gavin O’Connor^, the more I learn, the more I understand what you did for us and for me, personally.

    JOEL FIELDS:  Thank you, Hollywood Foreign Press Association and all of our amazing fans.

    JOE WEISBERG:  Julian Rosa^, I love you to the moon.

    JOEL FIELDS:  Jessica, Dora, Josh, I love you so much.  Thank you all.  Everyone up here, everyone who made this show, thank you, guys.  We love you so much.

    Backstage Interview:

    Q. This must be a wonderful moment for you.

    What part of the show would you like to be most remembered?

    MR. WEISBERG: Well, I think that’s, in a way, easy for us. All of us talked about it all the time. That at the end of the day there was a lot of spying, there was a lot of espionage and murder, but this is a show about a marriage. And that’s what we want people to think about and look back on, that we explored and wrote about and acted and directed a couple in a very intense marriage, went through a lot of ups and downs.

    We tried to, you know, make a show about what that really felt like and what people really went through in a very complex but ultimately loving marriage.

    Q. People now — the show is kind of an oddity, you know, a lovely surprise, especially in the beginning, but now people — you hear yourself referred to on the news or newscasters or other people talking about, you know, the show and especially of the final episode.

    MR. FIELDS: It’s funny, when the show began part of its strength to us was the ability to write about the Russians with the sense that people couldn’t imagine that they were our adversaries because it had been so long ago.
    And it’s unfortunate that the Cold War seems to have heated up again, but our hope is since it happened quickly over the course of the series, maybe we’ll find a way to quickly get back to a warmer place where we can see each other more as human beings and less as adversaries.

    Q. You know, the show’s been off the air for a few months now. What’s the future looking like for you guys?

    MR. WEISBERG: Well, we’ve been working on various projects and take a lot of long walks, try to think about what the next show is that we want to write together. We have a new office in Soho, which, you know, we’ve moved out of Gowanus, Brooklyn into a much more luxurious —

    MR. FIELDS: We haven’t — let’s talk to the network about it. Is it a good time to pitch our idea? No, not yet, but we’re close.

    MR. WEISBERG: So we are close.

    Q. What do you miss most about the process that you had for six seasons gathering and working together?

    MR. LONG: The team and being together every day with this team with fantastic writers and fantastic actors. But, really, it’s the day to day. It’s not, oh, I miss this or that, it is the day to day being around such a creative writing force.


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