Court Reporting

Court Reporting

Since 1972, Barkley Court Reporters has remained focused on providing the most experienced & technically trained reporters in the industry and delivering reliable services to make your depositions and hearings run smoothly.

Schedule a deposition with us today. Let us show you our commitment to becoming your preferred provider of court reporting and litigation support.



Court Reporting with Barkley

A Magna Legal Services Company

  • International Court Reporting Presence
  • Experienced & Reliable Court Reporters
  • 24-hour Scheduling
  • Dedicated Customer Service
    with Quick Scheduling Confi­rmation
  • Competitive Rates
  • Secure & Easy-to-Use Online Portal
  • Quick Transcript Turnaround
  • Complex Case Management

Court Reporting Services

  • Experienced & Reliable Court Reporters
  • Virtual Depositions & Proceedings
  • Virtual Deposition Exhibit Management
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Event Transcription
  • Complimentary Conference Rooms
  • Interpreting & Translating
    Available for Over 1,000 Languages
  • Videography
  • Transcript synchronization

Remote Court Reporting

Virtual Depositions with BarkleyRemote

BarkleyRemote videoconferencing enables deponents, clients, subject matter experts and co-counsel to join you in a deposition, mediation, arbitration or client meeting. All you need is high speed internet access and a camera enabled device such as a computer, phone or tablet. Exhibits can be introduced via email, upload or sharing via screen sharing.

Secure connections include:

  • Encrypted audio, video and chat, on request;
  • All remote depositions are private – we do not make these events public in any way;
  • Unique deposition Meeting ID provided – we never use the same Meeting ID (URL) twice;
  • Password-protected - each attendee automatically receives an invite with the unique Meeting ID & unique password.
  • Once deposition is underway, the meeting can be locked on request;
  • URL provided only to your stated attendees and is given to them directly.



Realtime Court Reporting Services

Realtime is the act of connecting directly to a court reporter during a deposition or in court to see the transcript of the testimony as it is being recorded “in real time." Think of it as live closed captioning with which you can interact.

Using realtime also allows you to avoid asking your reporter to recite testimony given earlier in the deposition, saving time in the deposition room and giving you more control. You also can discreetly mark lines of testimony for follow up later in the deposition.

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