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With Barkley's electronic exhibits solutions, you can walk into your depositions carrying just your laptop or iPad, confident you have all the exhibits you need at your disposal.

Electronic exhibit software enables you to have an unlimited number of exhibits immediately accessible to you at the deposition. Should deponent testimony take an unexpected turn, ediscovery files and documents from other depositions in your case can be accessed on the fly. You also have greater flexibility introducing exhibits. You control exactly what part of an exhibit the deponent sees and when. You also can annotate exhibits in realtime to draw attention to specific content, then let the deponent mark the exhibit for the record. You can add and save notes to a personal copy and even pass the baton to co-counsel to introduce exhibits on your behalf.

Beyond keeping you in better control, using electronic exhibit software eliminates the need for copying, shipping and storing exhibits--saving time, money, effort and paper. Most of all, electronic exhibit software provides the peace of mind of knowing your exhibits are secure, that you can quickly access and introduce what you need, and that you have sufficient copies for opposing counsel.

Barkley offers you two electronic exhibit software options--a standalone solution that works as a great complement to videoconferencing for taking depositions, mediations and arbitrations or an all-in-one solution that displays your exhibits alongside the deponent video and realtime via a secure webpage. Both solutions are the premier products in the electronic exhibits arena.

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