Barkley E-Repository

Document-intense litigation presents unique challenges not faced even a few years ago. From construction defects and intellectual property claims, to mergers and acquisitions, the sheer quantity of information needing review can be daunting at best.

The Barkley e-repository completely replace physical paper repositories and offers a cost-effective and suprisingly efficient way of managing large, multi-party, multi-location cases.

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The Electronic Repository

  • Consistent organization
  • Document Integrity
  • Portable
  • Customizable security, protections and restrictions
  • Can be viewed anytime, anywhere
  • OCR allows quick access to specific documents
  • Multiple file naming conventions, image numbers, and Bates matching
  • Document can be e-mailed to experts, co-counsel and co-workers.
  • Print documents from your computer
  • All types of documents can be uploaded to the repository, paper or electronic media
  • Documents can be redacted, annotated, stamped, memo pad
  • Unlimited number of parties can review documents simultaneously
  • Reduced storage costs


The Paper Repository

  • Documents are maintained in their original paper format. Letter paper, legal paper, binders, red ropes, file folders, CDs, audiotapes, etc. are kept in boxes. Boxes are labeled to various degrees of accuracy and/or continuity. Blueprints are folded, rolled, and rubber banded to various degree of organization.
  • A standard 10x12x15 banker box will hold from 2,000-2,500 pages of paper depending on size and barriers.
  • Paper repositories are typically stored at off-site storage facilities, on shelving in an office space/closet, or boxes stacked on top of boxes in an office space/closet area.
  • Typical boxes need to be delivered from off-site storage or retrieved from one office area and put into a conference room for review. Some paper repositories may allow unsupervised access to all boxes in a storage area.
  • Review of documents in a paper repository is limited to the hours of business of the holder of the documents.
  • Review of documents in a conference room is usually unsupervised.
  • Manual document review, no OCR Optical Character Recognition.
  • Mutiple-copy sets
  • Potential of misfiles
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