Global Deposition Services

Global Deposition Services

Barkley Court Reporters coordinates U.S. depositions, international arbitrations and hearings across the globe. We specialize in finding the most convenient yet technically equipped location; securing experienced court reporters with expertise in your field of litigation; coordinating professional interpreters and videographer services; as well as providing guidance on the applicable international laws. When travel proves impossible or the budget does not allow in your case, we provide the latest in deposition technologies to enable your proceeding to progress despite the geographical boundaries.

In-House Counsel on International Laws
Have questions as to the legal protocols for taking US depositions abroad?  Our in-house counsel is available for a complimentary consultation to help ensure that you follow international guidelines and requirements.

Strategic Locations Across the Globe
Our offices in Europe, Asia and Middle East equip attorneys with the best local and regional resources suited for your particular case.

Experienced Reporters Throughout the World
Barkley’s network of local and regionally-based court reporters spans the globe, enabling attorneys to take U.S. Depositions and secure transcripts of international hearings and arbitrations anywhere permitted by law. Most of our reporters are very knowledgeable in handling multi-party, multi-venue, complicated cases as well international cases.

As in the U.S., we strive to set your depositions and proceedings with court reporters who have years of experience and expertise reporting for your field of litigation.  If necessary—and when the law permits, we can arrange to have your preferred reporter attend via videoconferencing or mobile video conferencing.  And when proceedings are taking place across multiple locations, we arrange for your reporters to exchange the word lists to help facilitate the recording of transcript.

Expert Interpreters
Our Interpreters around the world have years of experience translating thousands of legal proceedings across a multitude of practice areas in over 200 languages. Every interpreter is bound by the applicable Standards for Performance and Professional Responsibility to ensure their commitment to impartiality, cultural respect, as well as accuracy.  Interpreter services can be provided onsite as well as via tele- or video-conferencing depending on the needs of your case.

Professional Videographers and Videography Services
Barkley's Videography Services include professional videographers specializing in depositions and legal proceedings, synchronization of your video with the transcript, and software for easily creating video clips synchronized with the transcript for arbitrations and presentation in courts.  Our professional videographers are experienced and equipped to handle all aspects of recording your deposition, from timely setup to quality checks throughout your proceedings--while remaining as unobtrusive as possible.

Conference Room Facilities Worldwide
Let us find the next location for your depositions and legal proceedings being held abroad. We specialize in locating facilities that are as easily accessible as possible--yet equipped with the services and technologies that your case demands.

Proven Deposition Technologies
Should travel prove impossible for all the parties in your case, Barkley still can enable all of you to speak face-to-face, to see the transcript of testimony or proceeding in realtime, to discreetly receive guidance from subject matter experts, and to view exhibits as they are introduced--despite the geographical boundaries. We have been at the forefront of using proven deposition technologies to enable attorneys to conduct and attend legal proceedings remotely since the early 1990s. 

From arranging easy-access conference rooms with the latest in video conferencing equipment to mobile video conferencing and deposition streaming services, we deliver the services and technology needed for taking depositions and attending legal proceedings remotely—saving you the time and costs of travel.

Traditional Videoconferencing
Is your deponent or parties in your case located in an area were Internet service is unreliable?  Let us arrange a traditional video conferencing facility where you will be able to speak face-to-face with your deponent or all parties in a case without technical interruptions.   

Mobile Videoconferencing
Is your deponent or a party in your case located in a remote area?  Bedridden?  As long as all the parties have access to high-speed internet on a webcam-enabled device, we can connect you—face-to-face.

Deposition Streaming
Will you be introducing exhibits or require a rough draft of the transcript?  We can provide a private, secure virtual deposition room where all the parties in your case can see the transcript and exhibits in realtime, alongside video of the designated parties.

Green Transcripts and Mobile Access
Barkley offers e-repository services and a complimentary mobile transcript format, giving all the parties in your case access to all the case documents with the ability to work as well as collaborate on the go.

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