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Oftentimes a deponent's demeanor, facial expressions and body language speak louder than their words. Video recordings of legal proceedings capture what cannot be conveyed on the printed transcript page. That’s why video records of depositions are being used for witness preparation, subject matter expert analysis, focus group research, mock trials, deposition reviews as well as in court. Barkley offers a variety of videography solutions to cater to your needs and intended use.

Traditional Videography Services
If you are taking depositions in a case that you expect to go to trial, anticipate that your witness or opposing counsel will be hostile, or suspect that your deponent will impeach themselves, consider adding traditional videography services to your deposition order. Having a professional quality video record of your deposition will enable you to let the judge, jury and others involved in your case see what your deponent is not saying.

Barkley's professional videographers are experienced and equipped to handle all aspects of recording your deposition, from timely set up to conducting quality checks throughout your proceedings--while remaining as unobtrusive as possible. Following your deposition, Barkley provides import files that you can use to create video clips for trial and upload to legal presentation software such as Trial Director or Sanction.

Video Synchronization Services
Want to see both the deponent and the testimony in the video recording? Barkley will synch the deposition video with the transcript, so the testimony displays as it is given in the recording. You also will be able to search the video record for key testimony and import the video files to your trial presentation software.

Day-in-the-Life and Site Inspection Videos
Need to explain a course of events or demonstrate the condition of a facility or product? Barkley's Trial Technology division can produce almost any type of video needed for your trial. 

Unsure which videography services is best for your next legal proceeding?

Request Barkley Videography Services Consultation. In just a short phone call, we can help you determine the best solution to meet your needs. Barkley’s Trial Technology team also offers complimentary 30-minute trial presentation consultations.

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