Trial Presentations

Opening Statements offer the opportunity to preview your case story visually and to present a compelling narrative that weaves together key evidence and themes using the most advanced tools and techniques of visual communication available. Many believe that trials and arbitration are often won or lost by the time the opening statements are concluded. This is where storytelling experience and expertise can be vital.

Barkley trial consultants are known for their keen insights on how to best present cases in a storytelling style. Our visual consultants work with your motion papers, briefs, key exhibits and deposition transcripts to draft a compelling visual story in the form of a PowerPoint presentation for you to review and use as a tool to develop and refine your case story. Many attorneys find this PowerPoint review to be an essential first step in crafting what will become their opening statement and closing argument. The visual story is often based on a unique animated timeline framework that has proven highly effective in presenting a number of high stakes cases at trial and arbitration.

Barkley Trial Consultants then work with you to refine the PowerPoint presentation into a powerful and persuasive accompaniment to your opening and closing statements.  

The Trial Presentation is a product of close cooperation between your trial team and our creative staff, designed to powerfully persuade the jury to embrace your argument.

In addition, our staff will masterfully organize all of your case materials for instant recall and presentation during trial.

When your case is ready, a Barkley trial technician can accompany you in court using the latest technology to present your case. We take pride in having the most experienced trial technicians in the industry.

If you wish to present the case yourself, we also offer software training and provide the necessary rental equipment for your needs.

One could include:

  • Synchronized Video Clips
  • Exhibits
  • Day-in-the-Life Videos
  • Transcripts
  • Blow-ups
  • 2D and 3D Animations
  • Custom Graphics
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